Nardwuar vs Dan Quayle - 1995


Date: Tuesday, February 28th, 1995
Time: 11:57p.m.
Place: Shoreline Community College, Shoreline, Washington, USA
Event: Book signing

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Nardwuar: Hi. Mr. Quayle, who's the Prime Minister of Canada?


Quayle: The Prime, Prime... Minister of Canada, which just had the, uh, President, uh, Clinton up there for a, uh, address, and, uh, it's one thing that George Bush didn't do... Mulroney did not invite him up. But you now have a new Prime Minister of Canada.


(Although the Secret Service did not mind the presence of our camera, they sure as hell didn't want Mr. Quayle answering any more "Canadian" questions, hence, with the flip of a G-man's elbow, the encounter ended right there.)

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