SUBJECT: David Emory - host of Radio Free America

INTERVIEWER: Nardwuar the Human Serviette

STARDATE: November 22nd 1991

NARDWUAR: How'd ya get into all this?

DAVE EMORY: Well, during the Watergate Scandal during the early 1970's, I read an article in an alternative paper in Boston about Richard Nixon being in Dallas, Texas on November 22nd of 1963. The article said that Nixon flew out right about the time that President Kennedy was killed and yet he was interviewed by the FBI four months later, he claimed he had left Dallas on November 20th, despite the fact that the New York Times and San Francisco Chronicle of November 22nd quote Richard Nixon in Dallas on November 21st. This has since been borne out by other sources.

It said that everyone who was at the age of consciousness knows exactly where they were or what they were doing when they heard President Kennedy was assassinated. That certainly was the case with yours truly: I was in the ninth grade at the time. I was all of fourteen years old at the time and I remember precisely where I was and what I was doing, but interestingly enough, Richard Nixon, who was in Dallas at the same time as the man who had defeated him in Dallas as the man who had defeated him in the Presidential Election of 1960 and was there at the time he was killed, doesnít seem to remember. In fact four months later, his memory was off by a full two days.

Now I didnít believe that Richard Nixon really couldnít remember. I rather suspected, and I am convinced now that he was lying through his teeth as Richard Nixon has been want to do. So I began investigating - the reading up on it I should say as I didnít do any first - hand snooping - the assassination of President Kennedy and I became convinced that there were links between Kennedy's assassination and Watergate, and there are numerous connections between the presidential assassination and Watergate. In fact, on the famous Watergate tapes, one of the statements that Richard Nixon makes is that that the Watergate burglary had to be conferred because otherwise it would lead to the "whole Bay of Pigs thing". Now in his book The Ends of Power, HR Hallderman, a key Nixon aide, says that on the Nixon Whitehouse this phrase was basically the code-word for the Kennedy assassination.

There are numerous other connecting links between Watergate and the Kennedy assassination. For example, Leon Jaworski, who replaced Archibald Cox as Watergate Special Prosecutor after Nixon fired Archibald Cox, who by the way, had been Solicitor General for the United States under president Kennedy. Jaworski was named Watergate Special Prosecutor and he had been a Warren Commission Council in charge of seeing if Lee Harvey Oswald had intelligence connections and beyond that, he had been the liaison between the Warren Commission dan the Texas Court of Inquiry which was the Texas State body inquiring into Kennedy's assassination, left by the then Texas Attorney General Wagner Carr. It should be noted that Jaworski was a member of the MD Anderson Fund - a CIA domestic funding conduit. There are numerous other connections as well between Watergate and the Kennedy assassination.

In the 1970's when the House Select Committee on Assassination was formed, I became really interested in a professional way. I did not go on the air at that point. I was very fascinated and hopeful at the time because it seems to me that after the unraveling of Watergate, perhaps we were finally going to begin getting down to the truth about what really happened to Kennedy. I was shocked and upset, though not surprised, when the House Select Committee itself turned up to be another cover up, and there have been several before that and several since. And yet, despite everything, the final conclusion of the House Select Committee on Assassination was to recommend to the United State Department of Justice that they begin investigation David Ferrie and the anti-Castro Cubans in new Orleans, and that's by the way, was who New Orleans District Attorney Jim garrison was after. His first suspect, the first person he indicted, was David Ferrie, who conveniently committed suicide, although his signature on the suicide note was typed. garrison then went after Clay Shaw.

The jury on Garrison's investigation concluded that here had definitely been a conspiracy behind Kennedy's assassination. In fact, in Radio Free America program number 12 , there is an excerpt form the testimony of Colonel Fink, the autopsy surgeon who performed the second autopsy on Kennedy's body in which he states IN COURT in unimpeached legal testimony, that he was ordered by unnamed superior officers not to dissect the neck wound. That is absolute legal proof of a conspiracy and this in a US court of law. But it should be noted that the jury in the Clay Shaw trial could not conclude beyond a reasonable doubt that Clay Shaw had been involved so they would up acquitting them. It should be also noted that former CIA agent Victor Marchetti has stated that Richard Helms then direct of the CIA, that is to say 1969, the time of the Shaw trial, was very concerned about Shaw and discussed at one meeting, that Marchetti claimed he was present at "the need to give him all the help he can". So it is quite possible that the CIA was heavily involved in subverting Garrison's investigation. It has later come out that fellow named Pershing Gervais was paid US intelligence service to infiltrate Jim Garrison's investigation. Another of Garrison's investigators was Tom Lafelle, who since has become an ultra-right wing political theoretician in this country and was for some time, perhaps still is, a fellow a the Hoover Institute, a right-wing think tank at Stanford University that was very closely affiliated with the Reagan Administration among others.

I mention the Garrison investigation and the fact that the House Select Committee wound up basically endorsing Garrison's investigation - because garrison is being roundly pilloried by many, many people and he also is a person whose work has strongly influence the forthcoming Oliver Stone film called JFK, which explores the conspiracy behind President Kennedy and comes up with many of the accurate facts dan discusses the reasons why Kennedy was killed: for example, his pulling the US out of Vietnam, which he was in the process of doing. Now, Oliver Stone himself has already taken alot of heat in the US media and he is going to be seriously abused; they are going to do "hit pieces" on him in the US press just like they are beginning to do now with Joseph Daniel Casolaro, the journalist who supposedly committed suicide - but was not a convincing suicide - when he began investigating some of the intelligence related scandals such as the Iran Contra Scandal, the October Surprise, the BCCI Case , all of which had certain intersecting links.

One of the things that the CIA and other US intelligence agencies had long done is manipulate the media and their ability to do so has been documented by the Pike Committee, a House Sub - committee that was investigating CIA abuses and there have been numerous articles in the documenting CIA connections to the news media. It is a safe bet that this CIA propaganda media ability which the CIA termed The Mighty Wurlitzer is going to be cranked up to the maximum for Oliver Stone and I feel kind of sorry for him. Now, going back to the House Select Committee on Assassination - in 1979, when they came out with their finding that there had almost certainly been a conspiracy behind Kennedy, they recommended to the US Department of Justice that they begin an investigation of David Ferries and his activities with the anti-Castro Cubans in Washington; the American people simply took no notice. It aroused no interest on anybodyís part, save those researchers, and that was really a pretty shocking and disgusting thing to me. That information came out in the tail end of 1978.

By September of 1979, I had begun doing a radio program on which I read printed information on the air so people could tape the information and use the resulting tapes a s an audio study resource, That is where the Archives on Audio tapes, the Guns of November tapes, the Radio Free America tapes and the other miscellaneous archive shows have their genesis.

It became apparent to me that if people in this country were reading, they weren't doing enough reading and I certainly hope that the situation is better in Canada. The American people are simply out to lunch; they are rapidly turning into a bunch of functional illiterates. Frankly, they have always been, since the invention of television, a bunch of "television brains". A study found that roughly 3% of the American people get heir news primarily from newspapers, and 15% read books. The average American reads on a per capita average, on book per person pre lifetime. Thatís not too good and that's an AVERAGE If you take people who do serious research dan read god know how many books and you average it out with all the hillbillies and the know-nothings who don't read at all, it gets pretty scary. Adlai Stevenson, who twice ran for president on the Democratic ticket in 1952 and 1956 - both times losing to Dwight Eisenhower - said that in a democracy people usually feel the kind of government they deserve, I think, frankly, the United States has the kind of government it deserves, and I am fiercely critical of the current political situation in the United States.

Hey Dave, what do you do for a living?

Various things. Right no w I am looking for a part time job and earning money with speaking engagements. I have supported myself doing a variety of extremely unglamorous blue-collar jobs over the years and now I am finally beginning to make a little bit of money doing speaking engagements.

How about your political persuasion? Is Mr. Emory a Democrat?

I call myself an anti-fascist because I have always opposed fascism. I have always voted Democrat although in recent years I have held my nose when I go into the polling station. I would call myself a Democrat with a small d, but I am an anti-fascist. This country, the US, is going fascist, frankly, and I am opposed to that and I have dedicated my life's work to opposing the political trends as I have seen them. It should also be said that I myself - and I donut want to sound a discordant not, have grown quite cynical over the years and at this point have a very very low opinion of the human race and human nature, although I have been privileged to know some many wonderful people. But I think, frankly, in he US at least, it was a democracy and in some ways still is, and we have the kind of government that we deserve. We elected a b - grade movie actor with he intellect of a walnut, RE-ELECTED him, and now people are wondering why everything is going to the devil. If people are looking for conspiracies in the US, I recommend to my listening audience down there that they begin by taking a look at the conspiracy in the mirror, because that is where the real conspiracy lies.

You mentioned that Oliver Stone was going to get blackballed for doing the...

Not blackballed, but liberally pasted in the news media. He's already taking a lot of flack. There's going to be a huge campaign to discredit him and his film.

Have threats ever been hurled your way?

Yes, I have had threats. I have had attempts also. I have had alot of unpleasant experiences; I generally do not discuss those in detail. But I have had alot of unpleasant experiences. I am also starting to get a certain amount of press myself. I have had `hit pieces' done on me in various magazines.

Right now Dave, you're participating in our Kennedy Assassination Weekend marathon. Thank you. Is it true that the last time a radio station did this sort of thing, their transmitted mysteriously got blown up?

No, no transmitters have been blown up. I have had certain suspicious transmitter failures sometimes, but none that I am aware of anyway. My work is carried on a number of different stations, but U have never heard of any trasmitter being blown up. There was a n incident down in Houston, Texas, where the Pacific station down ther had its transmitted dynamitedm but tmy work was not - in fact, I was not on the air at the time that went on. That was before I myself began my program.

Relating back to the events of Nov 22nd 1963, what do you believe actually happened? Who was really behind the aassasination of JFK?

Well, its a matter of public record about who was behind it. There are some grey areas and areas of dispute, but basically the assassination of Kennedy wasnít just a coup, it was a military coup and beyond a military coup, it was a fascist coup. When you begin studying Kennedy's assassination , you begin coming across numerous Nazi connections, which I cover in Guns of November Part 4. I also cover them in radio Free America Shows 11, 12, 13 and 15, and in a miscellaneous Archive show called 'Lee Harvey Oswald, Edwin Walker and the Fourth Reich'. Now Kennedy was killed for a number of different reasons. he ran afoul of the powers that be in this country in a number of ways, dan it should be noted that as of today, George Bush has been president of the US for just as long as Kennedy had been. Not really a long time at all. Now, on he domestic scene, with regard to domestic affairs in the he US, Kennedy had avidly supported the civil rights movements, using federal troops when necessary. He had opened up Washington DC for the great civil rights march of August 1963. The famous Civil Rights Act of 1964 was Kennedy's legislation, the most important civil rights act in American history. It did not pass in Kennedy's lifetime but it did pass in June of 1964. That did not sit well with he far right people, from the South in particular. there is and always has been a very strong amount of racism in the US. Kennedy was moving to end oil Depletion Allowance, a major rip-off for the major oil companies in the US; that didn't sit well with Big Oil. He was moving to try and influence the Federal reserve Bank to stop charging the American taxpayers compound interests. He was only the second president to do that; the first one was Abraham Lincoln and you know what happened to him. Kennedy was also cracking down on organized crime in a very bug way, and there are very strong and very well documented connections between organized crimes in he US ndas out intelligence agencies. It should also be noted that Kennedy came up with the Medicare program, providing medical assistance to elderly Americans. That also ran afoul with the medical establishment in this country.

So Kennedy has angered many people, including some very powerful and deadly people with his policies on he domestic front, but it was in the field of foreign policy dan defense that Kennedy made his most severe enemies. In 1961, when the CIA launched the aborted Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba, Kennedy declined to use the US Airforce in order to bomb Cuba and support the invasion. That did not sit well with the powers that be. He then turned around and fired most of the top leadership of the CIA, including Allen Dullas who then later was a key member of the Warren Commission. That didnít sit well with he national security establishment - by the way, when I say 'national security establishment' I am referring to the Americana military dan intelligence agencies. In 1962 Kennedy proposed joint space exploration with the Soviet Union. This didnít sit well with he national security establishment; it particularly didnít sit well with Werner Von Braun and some of the other nazi rocket scientists who we brought in the US. In 1963 Kennedy signed the first substantive nuclear arms limitations agreements with the Soviet Union: the Atmospheric Test Ban treaty from August 1963, which was bitterly opposed by the military. I should mention that during the Cuban Missile Crisis in October 1962, the military wanted to bomb or invade Cuba; Kennedy refused to do that. That embittered the military as well. In 1963 Kennedy was working to normalize relations with Fidel Castro of Cuba who had indicated a willingness to move away from the Soviet Union and begin a more productive relationship with the US. Kennedy had a back channel diplomatic representative named Henry Danielle, a French journalist, in Cuba meeting with Castro at the very moment that Castro heard that Kennedy had been killed. I talk about this by the way in Radio Free America number 12. It should be noted that the anti-Castro Cubans, very closely connected to the CIA, were bitterly opposed to normalizing relations with Castro as was the CIA proper.

Most importantly, Kennedy in 1963 began withdrawing the US from the Vietnam War. In October of 1963, specifically October 11th, 6 weeks before he was killed, Kennedy issued National Security Action Memorandum number 263 which authorized the US to withdraw a thousand troops from Vietnam by the end of 1963 as part of a phased withdrawal of all US forces to be concluded by the end of 1965. Four days after Kennedy was killed, a National Security Action Memorandum 273 was issued; this canceled Kennedy's troop withdrawal. It scheduled the 34A Program of Covert Operations against North Vietnam which eventually resulted in the Gulf of Tonkin Incident, which in turn led to the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution by the Congress which permitted Lyndon Johnson to escalate the war as he did. Kennedy also was moving in the direction of dťtente with the Soviet Union. And privately he was talking about breaking up the CIA "into a thousand pieces" in his second administration. None of that sat well with the powers that be in this country, the military intelligence services in particular, and they conspired tot kill him dan they killed him. Bu the way, the Kennedy assassination and the Vietnam War is in the Guns of November part 3. Any time you have a covert operation which is what Kennedy's assassination was, there are areas of dispute. Obviously, certain areas of it are going to be indeterminate because they were conducted sub rosa, but the most important things we need to know are known and are, no pun intended, etched in stone at this point.

Were any elements of the assassination botched?

Well there was plenty that was botched with it and that's one of the reasons way we have the information we have. The official version of Kennedy's assassination is not just wrong, it's physically impossible in all its major respects. The problem is that the American people are, shall e say, not particularly intellectually inquisitive so they have accepted this completely ridiculous scenario at least up to a point. Our media is constantly pressing t so gradually, as Goebbels noted, if you take a lie dan make it big enough and keep repeating it, the lie assumes the value of truth and unfortunately that has happened with the Kennedy assassination. But it was badly botched; the official version which was completely ludicrous. It has been the belief of many, and I can't absolutely verify this, that Lee Harvey Oswald was supposed to have been killed in the movie theater where he was arrested and not taken back for interrogation and fot he need to have Jack Ruby kill Oswald as a result was one of the things that helped to strain the credibility of the investigation. But when you study the facts - and those facts are laid out in the Guns of November tapes dan various archives shows that I have mentioned - I think it is quite clear that although the cover-up was bungled up to a point, or let's say, clumsy yet, at the same time, it has succeeded to the point that it needed to.

In Canada people generally don't worship Kennedy as that godlike of a President, 'cause like, I mean, gosh darn, JFK foolin' around with Marilyn Monroe, taking LSD and acting like as ALL American Tom Cruise-GQ-conservative-geek. Was he really that great of a leader?

He was one of the best presidents this country ever had. I would take alot of the stories about Kennedy's personal life with a grain of salt. Certainly Kennedy by most accounts had a voracious sexual appetite, but so what? There were alot of smarmy rumors about Kennedy having Marilyn Monroe murdered but they are rumours and just that. He may very well have had an affair with Marilyn... I think Europeans tend to be a much more sophisticated with this sort of thing; people have sex, they have extramarital affairs, and in Europe at least this isn't viewed as the mark of a man's or a women's political character. Jackie, it should be noted, played around on Kennedy plenty; she was on Aristotle Onassis' yacht just a few weeks before the assassination. Onassis was one of Kennedy's bitter enemies. But Jackie remains a saint in the eyes of the American people. I really can't speak for the Canadian people in their view of Kennedy. If it is their view that he was not a good president, then I suspect the cross-cultural pollinisation between the US and Canada may have involved some of the same media and propaganda blitzes that the American people have been subject to. The fact of the matter is, Kennedy was only in office as long as George Bush has been on office, and he undertook to do, or did all the things that I enumerated above. It is a pretty impressive agenda for having served less than 3 years in office. As for the stories about him taking LSD, maybe, maybe not; I really don't know. I've heard that said and I've read it in books but I'm not sure how credible that information is. But again, I think in evaluating a public figure, one should evaluate the individual's performance as a politician rather than his or her private life. I think it is also interesting that Kennedy had taken alot of flack for being " a womaniser". I have been surprised at the lack of outcry among feminists over that particular approach because, frankly, underlying that is a profoundly misogynist viewpoint; to view a man as being morally repugnant because he has alot of lovers or because he has a voracious sexual appetite - is at it's core, a manifestation of the worst sort of puritanical outlook, the age-old outlook that woman are dirty and bad and that if a man wants to make love with a woman and enjoy her body is, at root, a profoundly misogynistic view of females: that women are dirty and men who have sex with them are dirty. It basically goes back to America's puritanical foundings, it's puritanical origins, the ghost of Cotton Mather stalking the streets with fornicators.

From Nov 14-16 in Dallas, Texas, a big Assassination Symposium on JFK (ASK) conference took place. Were you aware of this?

No I am not familiar with that conference; I did read about it. One of the things that I feel is important is to get off the grassy knoll. The really important things to understand about Kennedy's assassination are; one: what happened, two: what the significance of it was at the time, and three: what the the implications of it are for out own time. I think the single most important lesson of Kennedy's assassination is that our national security establishment will use the same kinds of deadly force here in the US that it has used in covert operations in other countries. Many American liberals find that it is taken for granted the US will set up death squads in places like Guatemala, Argentina, El Salvador and the Philippines or someplace like that in order to basically protect the economic interests of US based multinational corporations. Well, if the US will set up death squads in Third World countries, ask yourself where are there more dollars at stake: in Third World countries or in the United States? Obviously there are more buckaroos in the US. If they will set up death squad activity in these countries, then they will certainly do it here in the US, and they have. There are very strong connections, as noted in Guns of November Part 4 and also in other Archive Shows, between Kennedy's assassination and the other assassinations that took place in the US in the late 60s and early 70s.

Is there really any connection between the Lincoln shooting snd the Kennedy assassination?

The only similarity is, interestingly enough, there was a conspiracy behind Lincoln's assassination. Apparently, the head of the conspiracy was Jefferson Davis, the former president of the Confederate States of America. There was one similarity though. According to one source I've read, much of the conspiracy was operated through Montreal. There is, interestingly enough, a Canadian connection to the Kennedy assassination; the Permindex Corporation, or also Centro Mondiale Commerciale, which was an Italian subsidiary of the same, according to a number of investigations, this was headed up by a fellow named Louis Mortimer Bloomfield, and it was based in Montreal... the so-called Zero Factor basically maintains that presidents elected in election years ending in zero get assassinated; that frankly, is BS, to be perfectly candid about it. The only truth I see in the Zero Factor is zero, the IQ of the people who subscribe to it.

Referring back to Canada again, a couple of years ago in Gander, Newfoundland an American service airplane went down...

It was actually a plane that was chartered by Aero Air that had turned out to be, to a considerable extent, a CIA air proprietary -

...and this plane went down with all these American servicemen, and I've heard that the men possibly were dead even before the plane landed, AND that the firemen cleaning up the mess from when the plane was downed, have never been the same since.

Well there is substantive indication at this point that the plane was actually downed by a terrorist bombing and not by icing of the wings as it was reported. There are a number of articles that have come out about that. I covered that, by the way,. in a miscellaneous Archive show about the Gander crash that you can obtain from Archives in Audio, and perhaps if you are interested in that you can play it on the air on CITR. There are indications that Aero Air was being utilized for some of the arms shipments that were being clandestinely sent to Iran as part of the Iran Contra operation, and specifically a Pakistani national - I guess he is now a naturalized American citizen named Ariff Durrani - was with Aero Air and the arms shipments to Iran. The theory was that after some TOW missile parts turned out to be defective, the Iranians were so outraged that they perpetrated the bombing in order to pay the US back for having shipped sub-par missile parts, dan that the bombing was covered up in order to hide the news of the link between the Iranians and the Americans which at that time was still secret. There is substantive indication in that regard and again I would refer listeners to a miscellaneous Archive show available from Archives on Audio (PO Box 170023, San Francisco CA 9417).

Who is Arland Spectre?

He was a Warren Commission council and specifically, he was the individual who came up with the Single Bullet Theory which is not just absolutely ridiculous, it is impossible.

Hasn't he been in the news lately with the Judge Clarence Thomas hearing?

Yeah, well, Arland Spectre, I guess you could say, is a survivor, and in the Guns of November Part One there is a section of an old Hard Rain Show, which was a series that I used to do in the early 1980s that talks about the Single Bullet Theory. And what occasioned that discussion at that time - this was in January of 1981 - was the elevation of Arland Spectre as a republican from Pennsylvania. So he's still in the scene and he's still manufacturing the same kind of fertilizer that he first manufactured for the Warren Commission.

Did Jackie Kennedy have any part in the assassination of JFK?

Jackie Kennedy did not have any part but people who were close to her family appeared to have had a role in it. Specifically, her mother, Janet Achenschlauss (sic) was very friendly with a fellow named George de Mohrenschildt who was one of Lee Harvey Oswald's intelligence connections. he was a white Russian. Specifically, his father managed two Baku oilfields for the nobel family under the Czar. He was also, interestingly enough arrested for spying for Nazi Germany in the US during WW2. His uncle, Baron Hugo Mayday was in charge of the Abwehr in North America. Abwehr was German military intelligence during WW2. De Mohrenshildt was through testifying before the Warren Commission, he would go and have dinner at Jackie's motherís house, and that was too much even for De Mohrenshildt who believed that Janet knew full well who killed Kennedy. Even though De Mohrenshildt himself played a role in it, there are indications that he felt guilty about it, particularly as the years wore on. He also conveniently committed suicide juts before he was to be interviewed by the House Select Committee on Assassinations in 1976. And it should be noted too that Jackie's uncle Hugh Achenschlauss (sic) had a long standing relationship with the CIA. bus as far as the people behind it, the US national security establishment, as I say, was one of the main- that WAS THE MAIN FORCE- behind Kennedy's assassination. Some of the people who appear to be involved were Nixon - he was definitely involved in some capacity - J Edgar Hoover...In fact, virtually EVERY American President since JFK, with the exception of Carter, appear to have played, or there is evidence indicating that they have played some role in the assassination of JKF.

How come none of this has come out yet?

Well, it has come out and that those who I know about it. But it has not received alot of publicity which is why I do what I do. Again, I came to the conclusion a long time ago that if people in this country werenít; reading, they werenít reading enough Dan they werenít reading the right things. So what I began doing was accessing the printed sources upon which my information is based and putting it on he air so that people could listen for themselves. For example, again talking about presidents. It was Lyndon Johnson who formed the Warren Commission and the entire Warren Commissionís work was complete nonsense. Nixon was in Dallas, as I have said, and Lied to the FBI about when he left. And the Gerald Ford, who succeeded the Warren Commission, had leaked information from the Warren Commission tot he FBI. IN 1980, of course, the US got Ronald Reagan. Reagan helped block Jim garrison's investigation into new Orleans by refusing to extradite a fellow named Edgar Eugene Bradley who had been requested to be extradited by garrison. The De[puty State Attorney general from California Charles O'Brien reviewed the Bradley extradition request and recommended it to be granted. Reagan delayed action on the request until after Nixon was elected president and then turned it down without comment. Later, Reagan served on the Rockefeller Commission which investigated the possibility of CIA involvement in Kennedy's assassination and found none, which is ridiculous. An article came out in The Nation magazine in 1988 indicating that a George Bush of the CIA had been instructed to infiltrate the anti-Castro community in Miami to gauge what their reaction was to Kennedy's assassination,. Bush's name has come up in a couple of different contexts since then in the Kennedy assassination. The CIA , by the way, hotly denied that it was the same Bush, but a subsequent article by the New York newspaper Newsday indicated that the George Bush that the CIA fingered could not have been the man dan that in all probability was George Herbert Walker Bush, the current president of the United States and former director of the CIA.

What is the Gemstone File?

It is a mixture of fact and fiction. It purports to link Kennedy's assassination to a massive political conspiracy - certainly Kennedy's assassination was - but there are alot of spurious elements to it in my opinion. It talks about Aristotle Onuses as being the most powerful man in the world, which he isn't. There are alot of things in it which, frankly, I am very skeptical of, although some of the information is accurate.

Walter Cronkite, in a Nova episode aired a couple of days ago, I'm not sure you saw it or not..

I saw it several years ago and just about lost my supper.

Well, he says he still believes the Single Bullet Theory. Why haven't people like himself come around and faced up to the fact that the Warren Commission findings have been proved wrong?

Why is Walter Cronkite still clinging to the ledge? There is a very good answer to that, and that answer was provided by American comedian Mort Sahl in his book Heartland which he published in 1976. In the book Sahl asks the question: "How many lies can you allow yourself before you belong to the lie? Is it too late for America?" - that is something to think about. The Myth of Lee Harvey Oswald THE LONE ASSASSIN - there is every indication that Oswald didn't shoot Kennedy at all, let alone by himself, which could not have happened, and there is absolutely no physical evidence linking Oswald with that rifle. It was purchased by someone named Alek J. Hidell. The circumstances under which the rifle was produced were very dubious. That rifle could not have killed Kennedy anyway; it was in too bad shape. But going back to why these people still cling to this, at this point, the US belongs to the lie. So many people still have their careers staked in the perpetuation of the lie in one way or another. Not just the lower level operatives who have since moved up and would stand to be tarred and perhaps sent to prison or executed if the truth came out, but there are so many institutions at this point that have gone on record as, for example, endorsing the Warren Commission thesis. There are so many journalistic careers in defending the status quo from a journalistic stand point, that for them to go back at this point and admit the truth is to perhaps treat their own livelihood, not to mention their credibility. There are college professors who have serious career investment in perpetuating the lie. And most people basically are looking out for Number One - the material side of their existence. I don't think too many of them are going to risk stopping their house payments or their car payments if their careers should be damaged as a result of their credibility.

Although "sensational" programs - namely Geraldo, Hard Copy or Maury Povich - deserve any credit for investigating some aspects of the assassination?

They are doing something that needs to be done, however, they could go much much further. At this particular time, the forthcoming Oliver Stone movie is spurring a lot of interest in this, and beyond that, I would note that the unfolding of the Iran Contra Scandal, the investigations into the October Surprise, and the US government in drug smuggling, have all helped to focus at least a certain percentage of the American people and journalistic communities' attention on the abuses of the American national security establishment.

(from Home Taping International [HTI]... ) Dave, what would you ultimately like to see from all the work that you've done?

Well. I would like to see people wake up and become active. I would like to see people undertake to disseminate the information. I view myself as what I call a Journalistic Step Up Transformer. I take information which for the most part already on public record, and I boost it into greater view. I make it more accessible than it already is.

(HTI continues...) To your knowledge, are alot of people taping your programs in your area and around the US?

Well, in the areas where they are aired. I believe so. Certainly in the San Jose area.

(HTI continues...) Do you have any advice for anyone who may want to follow in your footsteps a researcher?

Well, I guess I would advise them to be ready to receive the same kind of treatment that Oliver Stone is going to receive. It its not a line of work that you want to go into if you want to be praised, because people will put you down. They will call you a Communist or a subversive - maybe not a Communist anymore because that doesn't have a whole lot of credibility, but they will impune your lineage, your sanity and your patriotism. You have to be ready to take alot of journalistic daggers in the back. Also, frankly, if you're going to be prepared for some unpleasant events too. You're going to have to take some security precautions as well.

Can you now, sitting back, predict any assassinations that will occur?

Not of individuals necessarily, but I would keep an eye out for witnesses who have a key role to play in any unfolding intelligence investigation on the United States such as the BCCI affair, the October Surprise and so forth. I would advise anyone who is going to be seriously effective in the successful propaganda of a progressive political agenda in the US to watch out. You asked me earlier what the significance of Kennedy's assassination was, what it meant. The thing to understand is that if a more liberal political agenda can ever be put into effect into the US, then the people or person who is doing that faces threat of deadly force in the same interests that used it on President Kennedy.

Dave! Thanks for your time.


Rock on.

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