NARDWUAR vs. Jan Brady

An Interview with Jan Brady by Nardwuar The Human Serviette.

Nardwuar: Who are you?
Eve: My name is Eve Plumb and I don't usually wear this much makeup.

So the last time I saw you, you were...fifteen
Well then, you haven't been looking very hard!

Actually I live in Vancouver, B.C.,Canada. Do you know any Canadians? What is your Canadian affiliation?
I was in Toronto about five months ago, actually, enjoying that fair city.

What were you doing? What have you been doing? I've missed out a lot!
Well, you may have missed Dawn, Portrait of a Teenage Runaway when I was 18 or Little Women when I was 21, and various things throughout the years. I guess you didn't watch Fantasy Island and Love Boat. I did three each of them.

Wow! What episodes were those! Who else was on? What part did you play?
Leslie Neilsen was on one-

He's a Canadian!
See? I just pull out these Canadian connections left and right!

Tatoo recently died didn't he?
Yes, he did. Actually he was ill during one we were filming. They had to madly rush around and change the dialogue because he wasn't feeling well.

Did you ever meet Steve Austin, the Bionic Man?

Or Lindsay Wagner, the Bionic Woman?

Weren't they Love Boat regulars?
No...I never got to go on any of the trips. The location manager would always be there and say "Look where we're going next week!" and I never ever did get to go.

Was Charles Manson a bad guy?
I think he probably was, yes, a bad guy.

Why was he a bad guy. Eve Plumb?
I would say because of all the killings and murderings and stabbings that went on.

What is Manson all about, this play you are partaking in?
It's actually is a lighthearted romp through Manson's life and the killings and the hellishness and the horribleness that went on... in a lighthearted musical vein.

And who do you play?
I play Sharon Tate and Rosemary LaBianca.

Who was Rosemary LaBianca?
She was one of the people that his family stabbed to death.

Has many of THE Family seen the play at all, or have you been able to check them for correct ness or accuracy when doing it?
I don't know, to the first question. And I don't know , to the second question too.

You sort of revealed this earlier, but between the early '70's and the late '80's, what exactly were you doing other than the Love Boat, Little Women?
Little Women gosh, TV movies left and right.

People in Canada thought you were dead for all that time!
That's because they were in Canada.

Was there a rumour that you were dead?
No, not that I've heard.

I guess everybody's dead
I'm surprised to see you risen from the grave!

Wasn't the Brady house near the Sharon Tate house?
I think that was a vicious rumour.

Do you think that Sharon Tate might have actually driven by the Brady House?
You know nothing's impossible.

How come there was no toilet in the upstairs bathroom of the Brady House?
Because they had it on All in the Family. The one television toilet that was allowed on TV at the time was on All in the Family.

But the Bradys did break the man and women in the bed first, though.

Have you ever heard of the band Redd Kross before ? The MacDonald brothers?
No I'm terribly unhip. I'm just out of it.

Their movie Spirit of '76 had Leif Garrett and Shawn Cassidy in it.
You see, I was just vaguely aware of it.

Is Eve Plumb mad there's a band called Eve's Plum?
Yeah, I find that very strange. Why me?It's almost like... I used to get teased about my name when I was a kid in grade school on the playground when I was a child. It's almost like making fun...very strange.

A friend of mine's last name is Garlick and he used to get teased alot.
See, see, it's all fruit and vegetable thing.

Can you sue them at all for using your name?
It's not spelled the same so...

There's another band called Sandy Duncan's Eye from Los Angeles.
She can probable sue.

Is she still around?
Why would I know???

I don't know either!
Why would I know?! All of us in the SAG book just call each other up every week and just chat and ahat and chat from our home in Beverly Hills.

But you don't feel a bit exploited in a certain sense. You're doing a play called Mansonand I tuned into a Conan O'Brien Show , a 1993 show, you know a replacement of David Letterman.
Yes, that much I'm aware of.

Have you ever been on that show before?

And on the Conan O'Brien Show there is a guy sitting on the couch I think his name is Andy.
I've only watched his show once.

He was in the real-live Bradys play.

How do you feel about the fact that he did some acting in a play about the Brady Bunch and gets on Conan?
Well the girl who played Jan is on Saturday Night Live,so there you go.

But how does this make you feel?
I'd like to be on Saturday Night Live.

Have you ever thought of being a guest host?
I've often thought of being a guest host.

There's another band called the Lunachicks. Have you heard of them?
Now once again we've run up against my unhipness.

And they do a song called "Jan Brady".
I think I've heard that one. I've heard of it.

What other songs have people used? I mean, it must be weird.
I don't know. Just wait! Just you wait! They'll be making songs from your likeness and name very soon.

Have you ever been to Vancouver, BC, Canada, birthplace of Yvonne DeCarlo?
I don't think so.

What ever happened to Eddie Munster?
Why would I know?

Now isn't your boyfriend in a band? I heard your boyfriend was in a rock n'roll band.



Just a little bit? Maybe he's in a band?
Afraid not.Sorry

Mike Myers from Saturday Night Live brother's in a band.,
But Mike Myers' brother is not my boyfriend.

Who were some of your ex-boyfriends?
Nobody famous.

What are they doing now?
I don't know...since they're my ex-boyfriends I never talk to them.

But they've never tried to contact you?

Like Billy Mummy from Lost in Space?

I saw him today in a guitar shop. Didn't you go out with him? He's a hot guy. I heard he was in the band America as well.
Well what do you know!

Nowadays, Eve you're in Manson.I would say say it is sort of a scandalous musical, wouldn't you?
I would say so.

As a kid you were clean, just freckles and glasses and braces.. sort of like a loser. I identified with you the most of all the Bradys because you were a loser. You never seemed to have any sort of scandals or anything. You never did anything wrong. You weren't like, like... Greg and ... Mom...
No. I don't know.

And Marsha and Greg in that attic scene.
I don't know

Nothing scandalous like partying with Eddie(now singing in the LA punk band Harmful if Swallowed) from The Courtship of Eddie's Father. No scandals at all? Not one?
No. No. No.

Has Cindy seen you acting in Manson?
I don't know.

Where is she now?
I don't know.

I loved Oliver. I think I look sort of like Oliver. Do I look like Oliver?

What ever happened to Oliver?
I don't know.

But you and Oliver were my friends. Oliver was the closest I could get to you on the show, Eve Plumb.
Have you ever heard of Prozac and some of the better tranquilizers?

Yes, I have, Eve Plumb of the Manson Family not the Brady Family. A couple last questions Eve.Thank for the time. I really do appreciate it. How are you doing on the monetary sense, like compared to the Professor on Gilligan's Island . Are you doing as well as he is financially?
I don't know. I haven't seen his financial statements.

Would you say your doing relatively okay?
For me, yes.

And finally Eve Plumb of the Manson Family and Brady Bunch fame, if you could be any fruit in the world, what would you be?
I would give you the answer that we give in the shows "That's a stupid question!"

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Interview done in person, Hollywood, CA. Nov. '93.