Nardwuar: Hey, little buddy!
Gilligan (Bob Denver): What are you doing, your own little interviews now?

Well, just for our own little fun radio station, CITR.
Ohh, I don't know that one.

We were wondering Gilligan, or "Little Buddy", can we call you?
Yes, either one.

Why did the Minnow sink?
Because it had big holes in it and I threw the anchor over without a line.

Where is it know?
It's in Long Beach, California, I think.

Preserved in a museum or something?
I dunno, I think it is just lying in some backlot, somewhere.

Do you remember starring in a movie with Nancy Sinatra, sitting cross-legged on a beach?
Jeez, god, you're too young to remember that.

Nancy Sinatra, sitting cross-legged on a beach.

I saw the picture in a book: you beside Nancy. It was really arousing. What was that like?
That was really fun. The Father was more fun, I must say. ... Okay, what is this for?

Actually, CITR radio.
[Gilligan signs autograph]

Bye, Little Buddy.

Interview done at "The Boat Show" in Vancouver, B.C., Canada - 1990.

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