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On 6:66 Satan's Child, there are a whole bunch of great tunes, and it was actually voted best new release of the month by an internet streaming video show, Butterfly Juice! Like, it seems to be getting some great responses! Do you think you will ever end up on an episode of say, Sabrina the Teenage Witch?
I doubt it. (laughs)

On the bio for 6:66 Satan's Child, you say you have that basic punk rock attitude, in all your projects. Have you kept up with any punk pals from days of yore? Like, Barry from the Necros and Big Chief, or Tim Kerr from the Big Boys and Monkeywrench.
No, I didn't even know Tim had a new band. I haven't talked to Tim in a long time. Barry from the Necros is a fat piece of shit.

A fat piece of shit?
A fat piece of shit.

Okay. Just wanted to make sure that you said that. Tim though has some pretty cool stuff. He has the gloves you wore circa "Walk Among Us", in sort of a shrine.
Yeah, Tim's a cool guy.
Def Leppard! Photo by Bev Davies
Did you ever get the form-fitted steel fist made that you were talking about in one of your Danzig home videos?
No, I haven't gotten it made.

Amir Derakh, who mixed a lot of your new CD, 6:66 Stain's Child, was in the metal band, Jailhouse. Speaking of hair, didn't you once get suckerpunched by one of the guys in Def Leppard in some lineup?
No, that's not true.

What was that incident about?
Um, what happened was, me and my security guy were coming out of a catering tent at some festival in Germany, and they all, like the whole Def Leppard, like thirty of them, were getting dropped off with their entourage and everything and they were all just standing there, and I was just standing there with a couple of plates and I was like, "Can you please move? We're trying to get through?" and they all just looked at us like, "Fuck you. Get the fuck out of here." And after about a minute, I just went, "Hey, get the FUCK out of the way!!!" and then they were like, "Oh, you mean that?!!?" and just a bunch of bullshit and nothing happened. Nobody threw any punches. Me and Dennis would have destroyed them.

Glen Danzig and Henry RollinsBut you and Henry Rollins chased Vince Neil from Motley Crue down Santa Monica Boulevard for interrupting a Black Flag/Misfits soundcheck at The Whisky-a-Go-Go?
It was a Misfits soundcheck, and they didn't interrupt it, they wanted to see what was going on and it was like I think it was Vince and someone else, I think that is what Henry said, and we just went running out, and they were just scampering up the hill or the street or whatever. It was pretty funny.

Are you into lycanthropy?
You mean turning into a werewolf?

Assuming wolf, uh, characteristics. I've read a lot about it. I've read a lot of books on it.

Do you have any silver around your house, to keep the werewolves away?
Not much. (laughs)

And, Glenn, in England they call the devil "Old Nick"?

In England, they call the devil "Old Nick!" In England.
I don't think they do anymore.

Henry Rollin's Mistfits tattoo!And in the Tower of London, you are not supposed to kill, hurt or disturb ravens.
And... what's your point?

Well, what I was curious about, was in the "Lucifuge" video, do you really rip that chicken in half? Like, is that a real chicken? Like I saw the leg. My friend Rob was like freezeframing it one by one - he works in a video store - and he swore that the actual chicken was ripped in half.
No, it wasn't ripped in half.

How did you do that little trick? That was amazing!
Uh, it was just a cut and edit. You know, uh, at the last minute when you're about to rip the chicken in half, you just let go of one of your hands. That chicken actually got paid like the girls in the video, and the extras.

Yeah. (laughs) We had a chicken wrangler and everything. It was pretty funny.

What do you think of the current crop of those worshipping heathen bands? Like the Norwegian Black Metal bands like Mayhem etc. Do you have any similar philosophies?
(coughs) Um, uh, let's see.

A lot of those were profiled in the book "Lords Of Chaos" that came out a little while back.
I know, Danzig is cited in there a couple of times. Um, I know we've done shows over in Germany where Cradle of Filth were on the bill, um, and some of them, I don't know if I relate totally to what they are saying, but some things, yeah.

Because there is some pretty crazy stuff, like that Count Grishnacht burning churches, killing Euronimus, and then Death killing himself. Pretty wild!
Very extreme.

What's the deal with your Elvis oil painting in the dressing room on tour? Do you have an Elvis oil painting?
No, that's Errie.

Oh, that was Errie Von. What's your workout that you do, Glenn? I'm kind of getting back into the gym myself, doing a lot of lateral raises and chest presses, like how do you find time to keep fit? A friend of mine who was backstage at one of your shows swore he saw a full Soloflex weight gym backstage! Do you do that? Do you workout before shows?

Glenn, do you do any workouts before shows before you are rockin' and rollin'?

Hello, Glenn Danzig? Hello, Glenn Danzig? Hello, Glenn? Hello, Glenn?
(line goes dead)

[Five minutes later on Nardwuar's voicemail]:
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