Nardwuar the Human Serviette versus Glen Danzig


Nardwuar: I Just first wanted to say, Glenn, what happened in Seattle there? We were totally shocked when the gig didn't happen.
Glenn Danzig: Oh, the WTO riots.

Do you know if that was the real reason it was cancelled, just because of the riots?
Yeah, the Moore Theatre is like two blocks from the WTO. (laughs)

Rob Screaming!Because my friend Rob Nesbitt was just like so, so choked when that happened, Glenn, he took like this bus trip ride from Victoria, BC - which is like 7.5 hours away - he made setlist tapes to memorize, of all the songs you were going to play on your current setlist so he could be like right up front singing along! He got a hotel room. He was there like a couple days early, and he's like up this pole, joining the demonstrators going, "Yeah yeah yeah!" He looked over to the Moore Theatre, and there was this giant banner that said, "Danzig," and he was like, "All right! This is the end of the world. Danzig's going to be playing. It's going to be great." And he got down from the pole and then went over to the Moore Theatre and got a flyer - , his heart just, just stopped.

Well, it just was like, it was, he couldn't believe it, that the gig was over! That , he didn't have a chance. For a minute they entertained trying to get to Portland to see you guys but they didn't-
Yeah but the same promoter did both shows, so they had buses bringing people down to the Portland show.

Aaargh, well I guess he didn't know that about the bus, because he was like totally stoked and he finds out from this... flyer...
Yeah. Well. That's, that's life. You know, no one, you know knew that the riots were going to happen we booked the tour, you know, so, there was nothing we could do.

Glenn, when you are doing your comic label, Verotik, what have you got for inspiration? Like have you ever like gone to a forensic autopsy and checked it out just to get inspiration for some of the stuff you are doing?
Uh, no. (laughs)

Michael Jackson actually witnessed a forensic autopsy.
I'm not Michael Jackson. I have like autopsy books if I want to look at them. (laughs)

In one of your comics-
Or an SPK video and look at that, and that's fine.

Yeah, and then I guess those death scene books that Feral House put out. Those are pretty graphic too, right?
Uh, I've got old German autopsy books, like real autopsy books for coroners.

What year would that have been?
Um, let's see. It's big, it's hard cover, it weighs probably like five pounds. It's a real, you know, it's a book that a coroner would go to to check on how a person was killed and each chapter is like "Death by Electrocution," "Death by Misadventure"... and they're just photos. So this way you can tell the signs of how a person died, when you're cutting them on the slab and you're looking at them to see or to figure out, you know, how they met their demise.

Have you ever been singing along, up on stage there, Glenn, and a fan hands you one of those books, and it's something you're freaked out at?

Rob of the Astro Zombies singing!

I don't know, I just thought it'd be weird-
No, I have way worse stuff than any fans can hand me. (laughs)

It must be great to have your own comic book implant there. Just because you can do pretty much-

Imprint! I'm sorry.
An implant is something you put inside of something.

Right! I guess that's kind of Danzig! Do you have any songs about implants at all?

Do you have any songs about implants?

It must be great to have that... imprint. And you can do pretty much whatever you want. American Records, you're totally gone from them. Do you feel free now that you can do pretty much whatever you want and you're not bound by anything?
Uh, well, when I was there, I mean... you know, I was told I would have total freedom. Um, eventually it started to change, and that's... you know, that and the fact that we weren't getting accounted to for any of our royalties or publishing or anything, um, and they were putting out lots of different releases and not telling us about them, uh, overseas and stuff. That was the reason I left.

Because American Records, I was checking around on the web, and actually on Ebay somebody is selling a Danzig Gold Record.
Someone is selling a Danzig Gold Record? What? Someone from American?

Yeah, check this description out there, Glenn. "Danzig Gold Record Award for sales of the 1st 2 Danzig records. This is the real deal! From American Records- (formerly Def American). Scan shows award in mint condition with original manufacturer's tag still on back. You can change the name on the award plate to your own, just by contacting the manufacturer. This is a true collector's piece, and was obtained from the original recipient"
So who's the original recipient?

I don't know. I didn't, I couldn't make it out there.
It's probably Eerie Von, because he's selling everything, he's so broke. (laughs)

That's pretty bizzare - like a Gold Record!
Um, hey, that's his life, you know, if he wants to sell it.

What did Eerie originally do? Was he a pool cleaner?
I don't know if he was a pool cleaner, but he uh I think he worked in a factory.

Was it that big factory that that that that Jerry's family had, that same factory?

Because also on Ebay a little while ago there was The Misfits "Legacy of Brutality" on pink vinyl and it went for $3000.00.
Three thousand dollars?

Yup. "Legacy of Brutality", pink vinyl. Because I think there was something like they mixed up the vinyls when they were making it and there were only a few made-like ten!
Oh, yeah, I did that because I was there.

What happened?
Uh, I just told them not to - we were going from red to white vinyl, and I told them not to clean the thing; just pour in the white. (laughs) Actually I think we did the white first and then we poured in the red, that's how it went. ... I just did that because I was into collecting records and lots of my friends were and, you know, I just knew that, you know, they were, you know, there were a select amount of people out there that wanted that kind of stuff, you know?

Well, Glenn Danzig, your new LP, 6:66 Satan's Child continues, like, your strong lyrical presence! And you've had amazing lyrics in the past, like, "Carve a hole in your distorted soul. I'm here to bang it!" Or, "I'm coming in your hole. I waste you girl." I'm just curious, are you de-mystifying sex through these lyrics? Are you degrading it to the listener? What exactly is your angle on those?
Umm, well it depends on the song, and the character I'm writing as in the song.

Rob Stalking!

Like, "Carve a hole in your distorted soul"-
That's about the world. That has nothing to do with sex.

Oh, okay.
Yeah. But the other line you, uh-

"I'm coming in your hole. I waste you girl"?
I don't say, "I waste you girl." It says, "I'm coming in your hole." And then it says, "I'm coming in your home." It's about stalker. It's called "Stalker Song." It's about a stalker. So it alternates from "I'm coming in your home" to "I'm coming in your hole," um, and then, uh, the next line is, "I wish you would."

How do you feel about people reading into your lyrics-

Because I guess like many successful artists over the years that have been well-respected, you have taken a lot of the heat for some of your lyrics and, I guess, thoughts you've put out there. Is it okay to read you an excerpt of this interview that I found?

This is a NoMeansNo interview. I don't know if you are familiar with the punk band NoMeansNo?
I can't stand them.

Oh, you don't like them? Have you ever met them before?

Okay, this is a NoMeansNo interview by John Durbin, in the July/August 1998 issue of Vice Magazine, Volume 5, Number 6, page 38, NoMeansno say, "Fuck Danzig! Whatever he does, our work is the opposite of that. I think If he'd been two feet taller, he might have been a normal human being. But he's stunted in more ways than one. To us, it's not just show business. We're not a band that preaches in a negative way. Etc. etc. etc." What do you think when you hear stuff like that, when people are critiquing your lyrics like that?
Um.... it's it's it's pretty funny. (laughs) They're just haters. (laughs)

If if-
They're just haters. If they saw me, they wouldn't say shit.

You know, they're probably go, "Oh could we go out on tour with you?" You know. They' just haters. Tons of haters. It's like if you're a struggling, starving "indie" band playing at small little clubs and that they're doing better than you then they like you. (laughs)

What do you think of these-
They can go fuck themselves. And they probably do. So, there you go.

What do you think of these lyrics, Glenn? "I'm the scarecrow man, the scarecrow man. I've come to kill you, I will, I'm gonna eat you, but I'm still the scarecrow man, the scarecrow man."
They're awful.

That's by the new Misfits.

Jerry Only!Have you watched wrestling lately? Have you been taking any pleasure in seeing your former bandmate in the Misfits, Jerry ONLY, getting his ass kicked wrestling?
It's pretty funny but I can't stand seeing WCW wrestling because it is so like rednecky and so like geeky and it's like real soft. I can only watch ECW and WWF where there's like really violence and blood and stuff. I can't watch that fucking Ted Turner crap.

So you've seen Jerry though on wrestling. I guess you can't really get away from it, can you?
It's pretty funny. I mean, it's sad they just come on for like two seconds and they get their asses kicked. (laughs) I don't know why they're on there. I guess it's just to get their asses kicked. I don't know. (laughs)

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