Nardwuar: Who are you?
Oderus Urungus: I am Oderus Urungus, lead singer of the most dangerous band in this or any other universe... Gwar!

Oderus the bitch is back?
Yes, the bitch (Slymenstra Hymen) is back. She's here to claim a bloody vengeance. She wanted to castrate me, chop off my penis and put it in a zoo.

What was she doing before, she was in the circus?
She was in the circus, the girly freak show circus doing things in Hollywood, with her Hollywood friends, but now she's back. As I said she wants to chop off my pee pee.

Oderus, are you the first band ever to spew on the audience?
No! [Oderous then begins to talk in some sort of GWAR language] 'Abba spew on audience. Chee ga gu mess shela cooba. Show ka pluta koko ba. In loyer anus dosa o ka!'

But you guys have new spew chambers?
Yeah spew, spewing everywhere. Spew, spew, spew. Spew on you!

Oderus, is your cuddlefish, is it in the Hard Rock Café?
It was in there before, but they made me take it out. But look at that thing, [points to his cuddlefish] look at it, dripping with infected East Nile Virus. It's a beautiful thing, a beautiful thing.

What is your view on Viagra, what do you think of Viagra?
Well I don't need it personally, but if it helps midgets who are impotent to fuck animals in the yard, then I think it's a good thing, as long as the animal gives consent.

Oderus, who designs your loincloths?
He does! [Points to another GWAR member]

Oderus, what do you think of when you see this picture right here [Nardwuar shows Oderus of a picture Dave Brockie (aka Oderous) being grabbed in the crotch] of the person Dave Brockie, what do you think of that?
This person needs to be killed. Look, touching himself like that, what is that? What is that shit? He's fat, he's fat, fat, fat.

Oderus, you are Canadian, what is a Canadian killing dinosaurs for?
[Still Laughing at the Dave Brockie picture]

What is a Canadian killing dinosaurs for?

What, what?

Why are you killing the dinosaurs?
Because they drove cars, I didn't like cars.

But they are from Alberta, The Badlands?
They wore shoes, I don't like shoes.

What about the movie Mystery Date, Oderus? Wasn't that filmed in Vancouver?
Stupid, I never saw it, I never saw any of the movies we were supposedly in, and we never made a fucking penny.

Oderus, what are the new ways to kill people that you guys have developed?
Ah well it's hard to you know, when you kill people so many ways for so many years, but the more interesting way that we're killing people is slowly through alcoholism.

If the guy from Lord Of The Rings walked out, how would you kill him?
Which one?

Oh, I'd fuck him, then I'd stomp him, that little Bag-end bugger.