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Nardwuar vs Henry Rollins.

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A Power Bar for Henry Rollins!

Nardwuar: First off, who are you?
Henry Rollins: My name is Henry Rollins.

Henry, I think I know you.
Oh, I see. You're a character now.

No, I'm not a character. Actually I ran into you in Los Angeles outside of the Guitar Centre. I think you were returning a frame. You were in a Karmann Ghia with a beautiful woman and I saw you go into a frame shop on sunset. Do you remember that at all?
Was that the one where I punched the windshield out?

No, you didn't punch out the windshield, but you did jam on the dashboard.
Yeah, um...

Did you remember seeing me, or does that happen a lot of times?
No, that was the incident where I, uh, punched the windshield because this person kept staring at me and I got frustrated and I actually broke that windshield and had to pay for it and drop another one in. That was my friend Peggy.

Well, I'm sorry if I caused that to happen, but I was just like looking through the corner of the window­
Yes, I know.

I was at Guitar Centre and I did not expect to see... what were you getting framed there, Henry?
Uh, I forget.

It was a picture or something?

So what are you doing here? Like I can see in Los Angeles, that's kind of like a freak show to meet you there in Los Angeles, but what are you doing here in Vancouver, in my town, Vancouver, BC, Canada?
I, uh, came here to meet you.

So Henry, you're doing Welcome to Paradox. What is Welcome to Paradox all about?
Isn't the show called Betaville?

No, I think itąs called Welcome to Paradox.
Okay. Well, they offered me this nice part in one episode and I looked at the script and I liked it and they said I could have the part so I said, "Okay."

This particular episode is titled "All Our Sins Forgotten."

And do you realize that Ron Reyes lives in Vancouver?

He's one of the original Black Flag singers, like yourself, and hes a born again Christian!
Well, we all end up something.

But I thought that was kinda neat, "All Sins Forgotten," and Ron Reyes and you're in Vancouver, BC!
You know, the way you can put it all together like that is just amazing 'cause I never would have been able to piece it together like that.

Well Henry, also you were in the movie Johnny N...
Johnny Na...

Mon... Johnny Mnemonic, written by William...

...Gibson. A Canadian! Who lives in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

And in that movie what did you play?
I played a scientist.

And what are you playing in this particular production?

And what have you played also? It's either a cop or a scientist isn't it? Scientist or doctor, for a lot of the roles?
Cops and scientists and thugs.

And in Vancouver, BC, there's Rollins Trucks. There's Rollins Trucks. Now why did you name yourself Rollins? It wasn't for Rollins Trucks at all, was it, Henry?
Actually it was Rollins Trucks and Security Systems. Because I like mobility and I like security.

Why do you think that people think you hate Vancouver or Winnipeg, because people think you hate Vancouver or Winnipeg. People think that you hate Vancouver or Winnipeg.
'Cause I used to very much. 'Cause I would come up here and you guys would be a shitty, spitting, heroin shooting, equipment stealing audience who we weren't allowed to kill. So, after I got out of Black Flag and I didnąt have to come here anymore, when I became the boss of the system, I stopped coming here so I didn't have to get spat on and have my equipment ripped off by, by idiotic punk rock junkies. So I gave the city about seven years to cool off, and came back and found it to be a very wonderful place.

So it's no longer "Drunkville" to you?

'Cause some of the media was quite harsh on you, I noticed in Vancouver, I picked this up a 'zine from 1985 called Generic Drivel (Nardwuar shows Rollins Generic Drivel), and in it is something called the "Black Flag Score Card," and it was a like a little score card here, where it says, like, "the Audience vs. Black Flag," middle fingers for punks. Insults, objects thrown, mean faces, general ridicule. Like, they were kinda insulting. Did this happen a lot? Like, fanzines of the time kinda making fun of Black Flag gigs? 'Cause I thought maybe this is what helped add to your Vancouver hatred?
I never read any of the fanzines really.

So you never saw any? There's no other "Black Flag Score Cards" about then? (Nardwuar shows Rollins the Black Flag scorecard)
Wow, I've never even seen that photo. You know why I had my wrist wrapped up like that?

That's from punching a guy. (long silent pause).

There's also some quotes from the stage listed in Generic Drivel, where you said from the stage, "If I got a penny for every time you little boys beat off I could buy this fucking country." Is that one of your lines, do you think?
I don't know.


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