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Mr. Brown, what exactly was the story behind the cover of the "Please Please Please" 7inch (showing a white women's legs on the cover)? You're picture is not on the cover.
I'm going to let the ladies know (The Bittersweets--James Brown's back up singers), when I first made this song, "Please Please Please" and it became such a dynamite hit, they didn't put a black man on the covers too much. Black men were not on the covers. And this album I was not on the covers. And I was not on the cover of "Try Me". A girl was on that. And I was not on the cover of "Think". It was a baby on there, but then later on they found out is what they were missing is a beautiful face and then they decided they wanted to put it on there, but after things got better and people got to understand, so they re-covered all of them.


Do you still own radio stations and gas stations and all that stuff. Mr. Brown?
Not gas stations. I wish I did own a gas station and let the radio station go because gas sells faster! Since the Internet came by, radio stations suffered tremendously, I am sure you know that, but we have two stations and an interest in a third one in Atlanta. And hopefully we will get a chance to get it. But what happened with my station, I tried to rephrase what was going on in earlier years and everybody has copied my format now.


Did you also have restaurants too? There was the Golden Skillet?
Well, no. At least you close, Gold Platter. How do you know the word, how did you learn the word "skillet"? Where did you learn that from?


I don't know, just hanging out in the Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Mr. Brown!
Well, that's a long ways from...(laughs) okay, but anyway, we got a Gold Platter and they did pretty well but uh I couldn't stay there and eat all the time, I wanted to get on the road, so we gave that away, gave it up. We made a lot of money on it though.


Now Mr. Brown, I know when I got the gentlemen to get you to sign this (poster of the 1964's TAMI SHOW), you were very excited about it.
I was looking for the Bittersweets. I wanted them to see what I had to fight through. When you think of James Brown on a show with the Beach Boys, Chuck Berry, Barbarians, Marvin Gaye-


The Barbarians? Remember them? The drummer only had one arm.
I remember them very well. They were fantastic people. I don't know how you remember them though?


They've shown the TAMI Show on TV quite a bit. I was curious: the reaction you got from the TAMI Show is absolutely outstanding. You completely blew the Rolling Stones away, Mr. Brown. Was the reaction you got there typical to the reaction you would get around the world?
Well that was the first time they had ever seen somebody move that way! Dick Clark talks about it all the time, my very good friend. And I went on American Bandstand and you had to be careful because my moves were classified a little deeper than regular moves, you know. And thank God for Elvis Presley came along with the tight pants and he gave me a chance to put mine back on!


You were totally sweating on the TAMI Show! Totally sweating away. What do you think of sweat, Mr. Brown?
(laughs) I think sweat is something that is a very emotional thing in regards to where you put it at. You might put it in different places! (laughs) Sweat expresses emotion, either way, whether it is hard work, or... uh..., I wish I could get out of here, I'm tired. (laughs)


Isn't there a story about you driving around in a black Cadillac with beautiful suits with the windows up you know to look cool, and you were totally sweating away there? In the South?
I don't remember that man but I tell you, if I was too deep in the South with a Cadillac I would be sweating like that. In those days, I'd tell you that right now, and I'd tell them that too! (laughs)


(Brown's Security): 30 seconds!


Ski Party was an amazing movie. (1965 film with Frankie Avalon and the The Hondells)
Well Ski Party was my first debut in really trying to act and uh I can remember the lines, I said, we walked in and they walked up and asked me a few questions, and I brought in, Robert Q. Lewis, he was all wrapped up in snow and he has been frozen, and I said, "If you found him out there you had better put him by the fire. The Abominable Snowman." I think "abominable" was the hardest word I had to get across! I don't want to talk all night now because we got to sing, and talking is a lot harder than singing. I'll see you after the show.


Can I just ask you two quick questions here, Mr. Brown? I was wondering, do you remember Andre Williams at all? He had a song called "Bacon Fat"?
Yes. Yes, I do. I remember that. I remember the dance.


He also did the song called "Jailbait" too.
I don't know anything about that.


Andre Williams was also in the band called the Five Dollars as well.
Are they bringing him back?

Andre Williams - Silky  

He is back, and guess what they've brought him back as Mr. Brown? Check it out. This is Andre Williams back in the 1990s. (showing Andre williams "Silky" LP jacket which features Andre touching a naked ladie's behind on the cover)
He's got a lot of sense, don't he? (laughs) We're gone, okay.


Thanks very much, Mr. Brown. Keep on rocking in the free world, and doot doola doot doo....
Well thank you very very much. I'm not going to say whap bappa boola a big bam boo either! I don't believe that movie, they've got a new rock 'n' roll picture out, and the cat don't even know the song, he's like whap bappa looba a whump bam boomp! (laughs)


That's pretty close. Doot doola doot doo...
The Bittersweets: Doot doot!


All right!
(to the Bittersweets): Are you going to be that good tonight?

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