Jello Biafra Meet Nardwuar - Play Nice

Jello Biafra - as interviewed by Nardwuar in May 1989 & November 1991

Recently, Mr. Biafra stopped in Vancouver to express his views, which are many.
For those of you who have forgotten, Nardwuar had one other fateful encounter with Jello,
lasting only seconds before Mr. Biafra tossed him aside like used tissue.

Well, this time Nardwuar was determined not to let some ‘has been’ get the best of him and accosted Jello after his show.
But instead of having egg on his face, this time he got ink. Here are the transcripts of these two interviews, which Discorder managed to get a hold of.

May 1989

Mr. Biafra, can we ask you a question?
Real fast.

Okay, what is the difference between an American and a Canadian?
That’s for you to decide.

What right does the media have to pry into things?
Well you’re prying right now.

And is that allowed?
I’m allowing now against my better judgment because your questions are awfully stupid.

But the thing is wouldn’t it be nice to suck up to nice little cub reporters and lick them? What are your thoughts in regard to that: people phoning you, hounding you, trying to track you down. How do you deal with (people) since you have been elevated in society?
Well, kinda like this: I say farewell to you sir.

November 1991

Hey, Mr. Biafra can we ask you a question?
Oh my god, it’s Nardwuar with a camera! And I’ve got a marker too!

I was wondering Jello...(Mr. Biafra proceeds to put jiffy felt zebra stripes all over Nardwuar’s mug)
He’s speechless and he’s gotta go to work tomorrow.

Jello Biafra, do the American people have the government that they deserve?
I would say they have the government that some people deserve. but the ones that deserve it are inflicting it on us and not obeying their own laws.

Are you a Democrat or an anti-fascist?
I would say some of both.

Could you be in the same vein of speakers, as artistes, such as, and you mentioned their names this evening; Rollins, MacKaye and the Zappa? Are you in that league of these gentlemen, Mr. Biafra? Are you in the league of these artistes? Oh, I would say as much as you are in the league of Rush Limbaugh.

Finally, I was wondering, looking at your belt buckle right here. I’ve charted the progress of this star belt buckle, throughout the years. What is the true story behind your metallic waste-supporter, Jello Biafra?
Well, I got it when I was fifteen years old because I thought it looked like Jim Dandy’s buckle of Black Oak, Arkansas.

And you’ve kept wearing it since? Could there be actual Dead Kennedy’s spit on it? Yeah, it probably has some of yours too.

Finally, we have a nice Canadian present for you Jello Biafra - a lucky chestnut.
Thank you, it looks like a chocolate covered tumor.

Oh Jello, say good-bye.
Goooood bye. You’re gonna be sure to put me on the same compilation as Caesar et ses Romains, aren’t you?

Yes sir!!!!

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