Nardwuar vs Jimmie "Dyn-o-mite" Walker!  
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INTERVIEW DATE: August 14, 2001

Nardwuar: Who are you?
Jimmie Walker: That's what I want to know sometimes. I have no idea. It depends on day to day. Sometimes I'm Flip Wilson, sometimes I'm Chris Rock. Who knows?

You are Kid Dyno....
Oh, he's going THAT route! I didn't even know that! He's got me all discomboobulated here in the lovely Vancouver, BC. I could be Tiger Woods at times. There's a golf course not far away from here so I could be that guy too.

You are Jimmie Walker, Kid Dynomite!
Is that who I am this week? Oh heck darn it! Oh fiddlesticks! Oh happy fish 'n' chips!

Jimmie Walker, Kid Dynomite, is that trademarked, "Kid Dynomite"?
At times it is. At times it's not. It's varying, like lubrication: it goes up and down.

You're in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada here right now. Vancouver is your number two city to play? Your number two city to play!
Number two or number one, depending on how the chart goes. One of my favourite cities in the whole North American world, Vancouver, BC - and Burnaby, home of Michael J. Fox as was appropriately pointed out to me by the wonderful Mark Price, ladies and gentlemen!

And me: Nardwuar the Human Serviette!
But I knew that before, because Mark Price who I talked to this morning, Skippy from Family Ties, told me the same deal.

Baboom, beh bing bong!

Now right now in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Jimmy Walker, guess who's in town?
Nurses? Bus drivers? Who? Who's in town!?

Janet Jackson! Penny! Penny's in town!
Oh, ouch! Is she here?!

Janet Jackson is auditioning dancers right now for an upcoming tour, JJ!
Well then let me get my tap shoes on. Maybe I have a chance!

Do you think she will come down to the show tonight? Are YOU a good dancer? You're a pretty good dancer, aren't you?
I'm the last of the black men in America that cannot dance. I have uh six left foots and two uh club right feets.

JJ, Jimmie Walker, I was curious. Thelma: did you ever get "busy" with Thelma on Good Times?
Gosh darn it, no. She was married the whole time, and she's still married again. She just had another child from what i heard.

Because I see she's lookin' might fine there, JJ, and you're quite eligible yourself, aren't you?
I'm eligible. The man from the White Spot is eligible.

How about Janet Jackson, Penny? Did you ever get "busy" with her?
No! She was only four years old, so you gotta remember that, you know? You gotta remember the Jacksons have been working for almost thirty-five years! People don't remember that. So she did the Sonny and Cher show AND the Cher Show AND the Jackson Show before she even did - she did four shows in four years since she was four years old!


When did you first work with the Jackson family? Was that the first Jackson you ever worked with?
No, I actually worked with Michael Jackson AND the whole Jacksons before then when they had the Jacksons Show which was a summer replacement show way back in like 1970.

Do you remember the exact circumstances? Like what was on the show? What did you do? You didn't dance, right?!
No, I did not dance.. I did allegedly comedy. (laughs) Allegedly! So we did sketches.

Do you remember any of the jokes you told?
No! None! Not even one! Herbie Baker was in charge of that, and I used to say, "Herbie Baker, this is not funny!" And he'd say don't worry. It'll be great when we put it in post. It will look fabulous.

Jimmie Walker, JJ, do you still have total recall still?
No! Not at all. I think kinda the beginning stages of remedial Alzheimer's is taking place here.

But can you take us back? Like way back? Please, Jimmie Walker, can you take us back? Please (Nardwuar shows Jimmie his "Dynomite" comedy LP from 1975)
Oh ho!! Look at this guy! Oh my goodness gracious, now this is a shock! Now, you know everywhere I go somebody has an album, but never an interviewer, never anybody who is that much on the case! My man, Aaardwuaaaar is on the case here with the old Jimmie JJ "Dynomite" album which has some good - this is actually a very good album, I hate to admit it, but it still holds up to today. It is very good. I love it. I have a new album, but this is better than the new album. This is really very good.


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