NARDWUAR vs Gorbachev

"Earlier today at a news conference at Science world , a reporter from UBCís CITR radio who was wearing a toque, threw an odd-ball question at Gorbachev."(Top- rated Vancouver AM radio news anchor:)

Gorbachev at the conferance
Dr. Sid Katz, Science World Moderator: Go ahead

Nardwuar: Okay, Nardwuar from CITR radio, first off, dirgenay rockiní oo slabodnie Síviet.
What is this? What was your question?

That was keep on rockiní in the free world in Russian.

And I was wondering...of all the political figures that Dr. Gorbachev has encountered... who wears the largest pants?
Thank you very much

"Gorbachev took the nonsense in stride, looking a little confused and a little bemused. The man was questioned by the RCMP but appears to have been properly accredited for the news conference."

News Paper clipping. Immediately following, security officials rushed forward with the following verbal utterings:
Who are you?

Nardwuar being questioned Ahh, Nardwuar
Well Mr. Nardwuar, youíre never going to get into one of these elite media gatherings ever again! Donít even think about going to next week's summit!

Next week to our amazement, Bepi Crespan, Greg and myself found ourselves with media accreditation to the revered Clinton-Yeltsin Vancouver Summit! So much for security. However, we didn't last too long there as the "blacked out" photo you see illustrates...

Nardwuar vs. Mikhail Gorbachev
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