It was January 4, 1994 and Nirvana had just played at the PNE Forum in Vancouver, BC Canada. Nardwuar the Human Serviette was waiting with hopes of getting backstage after speaking with David Grohl the night before. Just as security was about to remove him by force, COURTNEY LOVE spotted him! Giving him a backstage pass and pulling him through the door to an experience he wouldn't soon forget. When asked how he felt about the encounter, Nardwuar responded with, "(add distortion) AHHHHHHHHH!!!!".

So now, here it is, the fully transcibed interview:

This is the (genuine) backstage pass that started this Hole thing!

The backstage pass used for the interview.

The interview with TEXT ONLY
(One long page)
The interview with GRAPHICS
(In 3 segments)

Frameless Versions
The interview with TEXT ONLY
(One long page, NO frames)
The interview with GRAPHICS
(In 3 segments, NO frames)

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