Nardwuar vs. Rob Zombie Rob Zombie photo
Nardwuar Who are you?
Rob Zombie Oh, what does that mean?

Nardwuar: You are Rob Zombie!
RZ: Yes
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Nardwuar: Now, Rob, have you seen that house in Los Angeles where silent movie star Ramon Navarro was clubbed to death by that dildo that Rudolph Valentino had given him? Ramon Navarro was clubbed to death by a dildo!
RZ: Uh, you know, I'm not sure if I've seen that house.
Nardwuar: It's in one of those books like Hollywood Babylon--
RZ: Yeah, I've taken some of those tours where they always show you where Sal Mineo was stabbed and all that stuff but I don't know if I've seen that one.
Nardwuar: Do you use a Ouija board?
RZ: No, only when I was a little kid, but I always cheated and pushed it.
Nardwuar: Because Morrissey has that song called "Ouija Ouija."
RZ: Never heard it.
Nardwuar: There's a legend out there, Rob, that you didn't know Sean Yesault from your ex-band was in Famous Monsters, when you phoned up Estrus Records asking about them!
RZ: Um...
Nardwuar: You know, like you phoned up inquiring about this cool "monster" band that turned out to be your ex-bandmate's band. That's totally interesting!
RZ: I guess, considering I didn't actually call up Estrus and inquire about anything. It's really - the whole thing is a mystery to me.
Nardwuar: Have you heard about this legend?
RZ: Um, I read that in something actually. I forget, it was in some little magazine, some news thing but unfortunately it's not true.
Nardwuar: Rob, a lot of heshers believe "Rob Zombie is the closeest to classical metal we have."
RZ: Uh, well, who knows?
Nardwuar: Well, you lived with Tommy Lee... that's pretty M-E-T-A-L. Why are metal guys like Sebastian Bach of Skid Row and Kevin Dubrow of Quiet Riot so uptight? Why are those guys so uptight? Why are they uptight?
RZ: Uptight in what way?
Nardwuar: Well you know punkers kind of roll with it. Metal guys are really uptight about things.
RZ: (sighs) You think?
Nardwuar: Yeah, would Nikki Sixx, or Korn for that matter, care about the Bomboras?
RZ: Would punkers care about the Bomboras?
Nardwuar: Yeah, totally! They come to their gigs! It's garage-punk, 1966 style!
RZ: Oh. Okay.
Nardwuar: What do you think about that? Are Korn into the Bomboras?
RZ: Is this all supposed to be a joke, or are you trying to be serious?
Nardwuar: No, well, I'm curious, what do you know about cannibalism, Rob? Because Idi Amin Dada indulged in some cannibalism.
RZ: Yeah.
Nardwuar: And have you heard Nick Lowe's song "Mary Prevost" about the silent movie actress who was eaten by her dog?
RZ: Yes
Nardwuar: What do you think about that?
RZ: It makes for a great Hollywood story.
Nardwuar: "Alcoholic dies, eaten by her dog." Are any of those themes explored in any of the songs you've written, Rob?
RZ: (sighs) Not so much.
Nardwuar: When you die, Rob Zombie, what do you want to happen to your remains?
RZ: I guess at that point I just don't care.
Nardwuar: Well how big are you? Like when they burn your remains, how much remains will be there? Like, you're short like Danzig, but not as built?
RZ: Am I short like Danzig?
Nardwuar: Yeah!
RZ: No.
Nardwuar: So you're bigger than Danzig? Who's got better tattoos, you or Henry Rollins?
Line goes dead
Road manager phones back.
Rob Zombie's road manager Hi, I'm calling to leave a message for Nardwuar. It's Rob Zombie's road manager, I'm sorry, Rob's phone, uh, got disconnected from you. I'm just trying to call back to try and reconnect. Just call give me a call on my cell phone. Thanks man. Bye.
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