What about having dogs on stage? Like dobermans? What's the deal on that? Dobermans! Like, did you step in any.... nggggeuughh!
That happened. It also happened one time when I had the horse drawing the chariot.

The horse?!
That's correct. We had a horse on stage drawing the chariot and he did his job on stage and I proceeded to slip in it, so you know things happen on stage. And it happened with dogs and it happened with the horse. That's why I don't have them on stage anymore.

Yeah like tonight. What are people going to see tonight? I was just wondering. I guess they're not going to see the horses. What exactly are they going to see tonight, Thor? What are you going to be wearing? Will we see any chest hair tonight at all, Thor?
Uh, a few might sprout out there a little, you know, when I take the armour off.

You have a gold plated breast plate?
I have all sorts of them. I have black, gold, silver. I have a whole wardrobe.

What are some of your favourite ones?
Uh, one of my favourites is this Roman chest plate with this weird Phantom of the Opera face on it. So I may bring that out tonight.

(Nardwuar points to Thor's stage 'stuff') Now what are the props you have there? What are those things? Please explain. What are these?
Oh this is my trusty axe for chopping heads.

This is Thor of course. You are Thor, Thunder God!
And this is the Hammer of Thor! Behold the Hammer!

(Nardwuar further inspects Thor's Hammer) Now this thing, is this like the official Thor Thing? Like is this the official Thor stuff?
I also have an array of hammers! This is my stone hammer. I have a bronze hammer, a metal hammer, a whole wardrobe full. All different attire.

Thor, are you still Britain's most popular heavy metal act?
No I'm not. You know, you're up there for a while, then you go down-

Don't say that Thor!
(laughs) I think they still like me in England, in fact we're looking forward to going back there soon.

How did you become Britain's heavy metal star? How did Thor become Britain's heavy metal star?
Well, we uh had to do a number on Wasp, Twisted Sister, you know, a few of the other bands there, we just sort went into the store and broke all their records and put our records into stores. No, actually we had a couple of hits with "Thunder in the Tundra" and "Let the Blood Run Red" which is, what is great about the pop music scene in Britain where you can have a lot of diversity, where you can have a really heavy song and then you can have a pop tune up on the charts. Well anyhow, we were up there and the radio stations went, "'Let the Blood Run Red,' what is this?" They didn't know what it was, but hey it hit. It went to #1.

The charts! Like you made it to the charts in England! You're from Canada, let's not forget you're from Canada, Thor!
Well I wrote "Thunder in the Tundra" which also was #1 in the rock charts over Van Halen, over Wasp, over Twisted Sister, and I wrote that while I was on the train, going through a snow storm from Prince George to Prince Rupert.

Canada rules!
You got that right! Canada!

Did you ever go to Frank's Funny Farm while in England?
You're right! I went to Frank's Funny Farm. How did you know about that?

What is Frank's Funny Farm, Thor?
Frank's Funny Farm was a fantastic place in England and all the major rock stars used to go there and drink and after the shows and I saw Jimmy Page one time, he was in the corner there, had a little bit too much, and you never know who you-

What about Girlschool? Didn't you party with Girlschool?
I sure did party with Girlschool, and many other female rock acts.

Thor, you were Mr. USA and Mr. Canada but you've also done some male stripping too Thor. 'Red Hot and Blue' in Las Vegas. Full nudie action, Thor, for the Thor fans?
Yes, but I always included rock. (laughs)

But what happened there! Please! Please this is interesting! First a nudie musical. Stripping in Vegas? Please explain!
Yes, yes, okay, but it was just basically showing a little buttocks. But the gladiators of old always showed their buttocks in battle.

Do a lot of weightlifters, I mean not yourself of course, have small.....
No, they don't call me the Thunder God for nothing, or Thor's Hammer, you know.

Baboom! And you are Thor! Thunder God, Thor! Thor! Yeah! You've done a few movies.
(Thor holds up his hammer. No not his 'real' hammer!) I stand erect.

You've done a few movies.
I've done a few movies.

Please tell us about those movies.
All right, they're fun movies, I produced and had the pleasure of starring in a movie with Adam 'Batman' West , uh Tia Carrere-

What movie was that? 'Zombie Nightmare'?
'Zombie Nightmare'.

Tell us a bit about that. You are chasing Tia Carrera!
Yeah! Hot tamale, yeah no ,I had a wonderful time in that movie. I basically play a character called Tony Washington who gets run down by a car driven by a group of weird thugs. i proceed to come back as a zombie and kill them all off.

What other movies have you done? A Roger Corman movie, 'Recruits'?
That's right. 'Recruits', with Lolita Davidowitch. It was produced by Roger Corman.

Thor, you also did 'Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare'.
That was another nightmare. Yeah, I produced it.

Now in that movie you fight puppets. You were battling puppets at the end there.
You weren't supposed to notice they were puppets. They were supposed to be real monsters.

Okay, you were battling monsters at the end.
Yes. Beelzebub himself.

Thor! You are the Thunder God, a heavy metal king, but you have a lot of punk roots. Please explain. Punk roots!
Actually, Thor started out as a punk band. Uh, back in the last 70s we were in Toronto and New York and hanging out with Debbie Harry and the Ramones and uh so we go back that far and I was influenced by all those.

And recently you were invited to play 25th anniversary of Punk Magazine in New York . Like that is a real great feat!
Oh, man, I mean well John Holmstrom and I you know we've been friends for a long time. He's a legend-

He's Punk Magazine!
Punk Magazine! He's the guy really who got the word out about what's the scene in New York, about Blondie and Lou Reed and David Johansen and the New York Dolls.

Thor, has there ever been any competition with Thor? I mean, your show is amazing! There was the band Manowar. Did they ever pose a problem?
Manowar was a cover band. When we played at the 25th anniversary of Punk Magazine at CBGB's I saw Ross the Boss there. He played with the Dictators, one of my favourite bands. Ross was also in Manowar. But I must say, we (Thor) had a great time on stage and uh it was great to see him again, but we blew him away!

What about Wasp? I heard you had a fight with Wasp once, Thor. I mean, you were the toughest, you are the meanest. Wasp, tell me about that!
That's right. They had the song "F Like the Beast". We had "Thunder in the Tundra" we were jamming up the charts and then we did a concert at the Lyceum in England with Wasp and they were arguing about stage props and they said we couldn't have the pillars and I said, 'you guys can't have the buzz saw!' And so Blackie Lawless and I got into a little entanglement.

You started it all, didn't you? Did you start all the dog thing? Like there's Snoop Doggy Dogg, there's your song "Keep the Dogs Away", and now there's "Who Let the Dogs Out?" Rrroor! Rrrooorrrr!" What do you feel about that, Thor?
Well it's interesting enough even though they are a Jamaican group (Baha Men), the guy who wrote "Who Let the Dogs Out?" was from Oshawa, Ontario, so I'll let you be the judge of that.

Do you have any dogs?
I have a few dogs, yes.

What type of dogs?
I have a Rottweiler, and a Doberman.

Well, thanks very much for your time, Thor. I really appreciate it. But I gotta ask you one thing: Where's the hair?
Well we're in new times. This is a new vibe. A new feel. Gone are the long blonde locks. Because that's old hat. We're in a new millenium. The style of the rock star today is short hair, a goatee.

No no no! I want to get you to get those back from the Rock n' Rol Hall of Fame! Where are the Thor locks?
The Thor locks have been lopped off man.

Thank you very much Thor. Anything else you would like to add to the people out there?
Hey, keep rockin!

And doot doola doot doo....
To you!

Actually Thor. Doot doola doot doo...
Behold the axe! (holds up axe)

Actually, Doot doola doot doo...
Behold the hammer! (holds up hammer)

Actually, doot doola doot doo...
Mask? (holds up mask)

Actually, doot doola doot doo...
Dunt dunt.

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