Who are you?
Hoaah! Haha! (laughs) Who am I? Oh my god, I am many many things, my friend!

You are Tommy Lee of Methods of Mayhem!
Yes, uh, I am many many things!

And Tommy, who else is in Methods of Mayhem?
Uh, we got, oh my god, are you ready for this?

Methods of Mayhem

Bring it on! Bring it on!
Are you sitting down, brother!?

I sure am! With my pen in my hand!
Okay! Uh, obviously, myself.

Tommy Lee.
Yes. Um, my fucking crazy fucking redheaded dreaded fucking hiphop motherfucker Tilo. Uh, Stephen Perkins from Jane's Addictionon drums. Ummm, Chris Cheney, who was uh in Alanis Morisette's touring band.

A Canadian connection!
Yes sir! Um, and also another fellow Canadian, Kai is on guitar. He was from a band called Noise Therapy-

From Vancouver, BC, Canada!
Yes sir! And also, um, Mixmaster Mike from the Beastie Boys!

You didn't even give a drumroll for that one!
Br-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r! Shhhhh-crash! And, also, we've sort of got like an opening revolving DJ door. It's DJ Shortcut who's also uh a Scratch Pickle, so it will be, yeah! A couple of DJs, you know.


So, Tommy, a few years ago, there was a quote from the Motley Crue camp - I don't know if it was you or not, but, "Keyboards and porno soundtracks should be thrown in the garbage."

But now your doing it in Methods of Mayhem!
Yeah, but those aren't keyboards. These are synthesizers!

But you had Scott Kirkland of the Crystal Method on doing vintage keyboards!
Yes sir!

And you had the "Get Naked" video!
Mm hmm.

Now, with Stephen Perkins on drums there, are you going to be drumming WITH him? Is it going to be like dual drums right up front?
Mmm, yeah, it's fucking insane! Like, it's not your typical, like, "Okay, here's your...." - it's not like your typical two drumsets sort of uh, you know, split apart, like we've all seen before. This is one toxic looking fucking insane, uh - it's a very large drumset, one large drumset that two guys sit inside this pod, if you will.

Tommy, where do you come up with this stuff? Like in Motley Crue you had that caged rotating drumset. Was that thing made by NASA?
Uh, no it wasn't. It was made by uh some people at a company called Show Staging, but it was my idea, and me and this sort of hydraulics specialist called Chris Peters uh we just sort of started dreaming about what it would be like to fuckin' have the drums spin around upside down, and we did it!

From the hard streets of Covena, California to Methods of Mayhem! "Wassup G!" Snoop! Snoop! I can't believe it! Snoop Doggy Dogg. Tell me about Snoop! Snoop! Like, recording with Snoop! That's incredible!


What's that like, Tommy!? What, -was there any Snoop moment that you remember?
Mmm mmm.

Like when you first came into the studio there!? Did he tell you any good Dre stories?
Um, any deranged stories? Uh, well, other than the fact that Snoop Dog smokes more fucking weed than I have ever seen on the planet. Uh, pretty mellow, like nothing, I couldn't really recall any crazy moments. Really like a lot of fun, creative, like, you know, we were getting high on the fucking music, you know what I mean? More like that, more than anything, really.

Tommy Lee of Methods of Mayhem, Anger Management: "I don't believe in the Public Eye seems like 24/7 being watched by a spy. Their not news reporters, they are full of bullshit!" "Being watched by a spy." Now, I was wondering, it was reported a couple days ago that you got kicked out of your house with Pam, but you have said, you were not. Then yesterday, there was a news story on the newswire. I don't know if you saw this or not, "Tommy Lee and Wife Face Dog-Bite Lawsuit."
I know! I saw that!

"Tommy Lee and his wife Pamela Anderson are headed back to court, this time over their pet Rottweiler. A woman is suing the couple, claiming she was bitten by the dog during a 1997 visit to the couple's home near Malibu." Like, a dog bite lawsuit! What the hell! is going on here!?
I don't know.

I was curious, Tommy Lee, were you unknowingly - unknowingly!? - set up perhaps by a record company to help generate publicity for the upcoming Methods of Mayhem tour? Like, are they pulling these people-
Label Rep: Absolutely not! (laughs)


Are they pulling - hey, how the hell are you?! How the hell are you?!
Label Rep: Good, how are you!?

It's the record company rep, listening on in our conversation! But, um, I was just curious there, Tommy-

But isn't it just crazy, Tommy and wife face dog bite lawsuit?
I know, this fucking lady, I mean, like, a year and a half or so after the fact, she decides to sue us and it's like, uh, dude, you know what, that's why I call my new band Methods of Mayhem. Because it's always fucking like this. It's a fucking nuisance, you know? One day I hope, you know, I can just fucking come and go as I please, and, uh, every time I fart, it's not in the fucking newspaper, you know. I just fucking yearn for that day. It's not to mean that, you know, I mean, I would like, it certainly, now I'm not saying that I don't like the exposure and and the the fans and all that shit. I love all that, but god if it was music driven it would be so much more fun than fucking every time you know someone gets bit or someone farts it's in the paper. It's fucking stupid.

Tommy, are you gunna teach Tilo the ways of the touring with Tommy Lee? Like, are you going to teach Tilo? Like he's your main man there with Methods of Mayhem. Will there ever be another "spaghetti incident," do you think?
Ha ha ha! (laughs) Oh, lord, you know, I just know we're going to have... probably one of the best times ever, you know? That's, that, we're not here for a long time; we're here for a good time. That's my fuckin', basically, you know, the lyrics that I live by, so-

But Tilo must have like thousands of questions! Like you've done twenty years of touring, and he's, I don't know, he's pretty new on the block. Does he ever come up to you and ask you about... stuff, like, one thing I'm curious about, that Motley Crue sex contest, where you and Nikki Sixx had a contest to see how many groupies you could "have" without bathing , and the only way you won was because Nikki had spaghetti barfed on him while having sex with a groupie, and , after making her eat it all up, he had to take a shower? Is that the "spaghetti incident," Tommy Lee?
Yes, that was. (laughs)

What, can you, I've, I've only heard bits of it. That sounds incredible!
It's, uh, it's a nice and disgusting filthy road story. No more, no less. (laughs)

What's Tilo your co-conspirator in Methods of Mayhem like? Is he going to live up to that? My god?!
Uh, this kid is fucking - uh (laughs) I don't know if I should say this! (laughs) UH-