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Corey Feldman in...Nardwuar: Well, no, Corey, I was just curious, when was the first time you did cocaine? It wasn't with Sean Astin on the set of The Goonies then.
Corey Feldman: No, but how does one seque into another?! That was a pretty strong political point I was making!

No, sorry, I was just curious. Oh, sorry, yeah, well, did you go to Dana Platos' funeral at all, Corey Feldman?
No, I did not.

You really seem to love what you do, don't you? I mean, you're kind of saying that you had to do all these shitty B-movies - people love them! I mean, your resume has really swelled, and you've done some incredible stuff!
Well, thank you.

Like, your band on The New Gong Show!
Uh huh.

With Ike Turner!?
Uh huh.

That's incredible!

On The New Gong Show! Ike Turner?!
Oh, he's a legend.

What was that like? Ike Turner!?
He's a legend. I don't know what he's a legend for, but he's definitely a legend. (laughs) It was great because we took some shots where we were supposedly beating each other up and that was a lot of fun.

Corey, you were also in Meatballs IV as a camp counselor, and Rock 'N' Roll High School Part II!

Those are interesting sequels, aren't they? Meatballs IV and Rock 'N' Roll High School Forever...
Well first of all Meatballs IV is not something that I really want to talk about as something I am proud of. You have to understand that when I agreed to do that movie, it was not originally entitled Meatballs IV. It was actually called something else. And when I agreed to do the movie, after we were already in production, they came to me one day and said they sold the rights to HBO and decided to change the name to Meatballs IV-

Meatballs IVOh my God!
I never would have agreed to do a movie called Meatballs IV.

You, man, you were like, "Aaaaaaargh!"
I was furious.

But you got to work with Jack Nance, of Eraserhead Fame!
Jack Nance is a genius. That man is a legend. God bless him. He's dead now.

Yeah, he died.

How did he die?
He got stabbed in a donut shop at three in the morning in Hollywood.

That's terrible.
I know.

  Now for Rock 'N' Roll High School, Corey Feldman, Part II, Part Deux, your band replaced the Ramones! That's a pretty tall order!
It is! And I think we pulled it off well.

Yeah, you wrote all the music your band played in Rock 'N' Roll High School Part II.

Also you and Mojo Nixon, Corey, had a sort of song and dance number in Rock 'N' Roll High School, together, didn't you?
(laughs) Yes, we did.

Oooaah?!What was that kind of like?
Well, you have realize, I was on a lot of heroin in those days, so that was probably the worst filming experience of my life. The only part of that movie that I enjoyed in any way, shape or form was the musical numbers, so I'm not counting Mojo Nixon's as one of those musical numbers because basically I was just sitting there watching him do his thing.

In Rock 'N' Roll High School you were also dressed sort of like Michael Jackson and did total Michael Jackson moves!
Uh huh. Well, that was at the tail end of my Michael Jackson phase!

Do you still go out with the hat and the glasses and glove once in a while?
Um, no, but I will for you if you really want me to.

Corey, how did you typify the Michael Jackson phase that you were in? Like, what lengths were you taking it to? Because you did wear the glove a lot, didn't you?
No, I never wear a glove.

  Well, what was your phase? How would you describe your Michael Jackson fixation, Corey Feldman?
Well, we were close friends at the time so, you know, obviously, as with any best friends when you are little kids, everyone takes on each other's appearances in certain ways. You know, you start dressing alike or you start wearing your hair the same or whatever. It's a natural phenomenon that children go through when they're searching for an identity. That's what I went through.

Corey Feldman, in Vancouver, you were spotted with your sunglasses on at the Purple Onion nightclub, dancing to Michael Jackson, dancing to Michael Jackson. This was just recently!
Yes, well, what does that mean?

You still got it, Corey! You still got it.

You still got that Michael Jackson excitement in you!
(laughs) All that that means is that I was on the dance floor and a particular song came on and it happened to be Michael Jackson, and I'm not going to walk off the floor because he comes on all of a sudden.

And, Corey, what exactly was your "relationship" with Michael Jackson? You said he was your friend. Like, you thank his entire family on your brand new CD except him!
(laughs) Um, well, Michael and I have gone our separate ways, I guess you could say, and, uh, he hasn't been a great friend to me, as of late. Which is unfortunate.

He just hasn't been returning your calls? Or what was it?
It's nothing that I want to go into-

-too much but I'm still - I love the family very much. I feel as though they are my own family. You know, they're great people, and, you know, Michael has gone off in his own direction and his own family doesn't see him much, and I don't see him much. It's just the way that he's become.

But you've actually slept over at his house and stuff!

That's pretty exciting!
Yeah, it was very exciting as a child.

And you got to dance at an awards show with him?
I did?

Like on a big stage, dancing? With Michael Jackson?

  You had never gone up on a big stage when he was performing and danced?
No, we've danced together in private but we've never danced together in public. I was in one of his videos, uh, I was in the "Liberian Girl" video from the Bad album.

You've danced together in private - you mean, where would that be, in a club?
No, like in a mirror, you know. We were trying out different moves and things like that.

Evil Eye!(reads Corey's lyrics) "Is this cool? : People try to put you down, 'cause you're not what they found as cool. Desperate eyes search around to place the blame on a clown like you." Corey Feldman, what exactly is your relationship with Marilyn Manson?
(laughs) That was a great segue! Uh, man, I'm getting more entertainment out of this interview than I think anybody's who's going to read it! Um, well, Marilyn Manson is, well, he's Marilyn Manson for God's sakes. I mean, it's pretty self-explanatory. He's a guy who, you know, likes to take advantage of other people's weaknesses by making himself look as good as possible, but in the end I think it's just biting him in the ass.

Because he seems to joke about you all the time, Corey Feldman, calling you lame and stuff, but you always seem to be around when Manson's having a big bash!
Well, no, well actually I went to one of his events.

And this was after he called you lame and stuff?
Uh, what happened was, we met at the Howard Stern premier, and he was very nice, and he talked very kindly of me. As a matter of fact, he was on Howard's show right after the premier, and he said that one of the most exciting things of being there was getting to meet me and how he was a big fan and blah blah blah. And what happened was, um, he, he, I don't know,we ran into each other in LA, he gave me his phone number. He said, "You know, I'd love to hang out with you sometime. Let's get together." And I said, "Great." And then his book was about to come out and we went out one night and he said, "The were some things in the book which aren't really very nice, but I just wanted to let you know ahead of time that it was all done in good fun and, you know, nothing was meant in a negative way. And I said that's fine, as long as it's not too bad then I don't mind. And then the book came out, and two days after the book came out, before I had a chance to read it, he called me up and asked me to his book signing celebration dinner, and I went to the dinner, and I sat next to him, and we spoke about the things that he wrote, and I told him what I didn't like and I told him what I did like, and he seemed fine with it, and we went back to his house afterwards, and he sang some karaoke. He was doing some Bee Gees with his friends Twiggy and Rose McGowan, and, uh, that was pretty much it - oh, he had Leif Garrett there too, which I thought was pretty weird, that he was hanging out with Leif Garrett but-

Leif Garrett is popping up everywhere! He just did a song with the Melvins doing "Teen Spirit," Nirvana's "Teen Spirit." What the hell's going on with Leif?
I have no idea. I am not his publicist and I cannot comment, but all I know is he was there, which I thought was pretty strange, and then several months later, all these interviews started popping up with Marilyn Manson where he was making fun of that evening and trying to basically seem like I was hanging on him when he was the one who invited me everywhere, so I didn't appreciate that too much, so basically that is where we're at, you know. I think he tried to utilize my name to make himself look better, and I don't respect people who do that.

  Have you talked to him since at all?

Because he did the same thing with Quiet Riot. He had Quiet Riot play a private party of his, and it relaunched Quiet Riot's career, Corey Feldman.
Mm hmm.

He flew them in for a private backstage party.
Mm hmm.

And then afterwards, I guess, the rest is history.
And what happened afterwards? He just trashed them? Talked shit?

Well I'm not totally sure. Actually I think Quiet Riot, they're doing a big tour now.
Then he didn't hurt them at all. He helped them.

Kinda. Maybe that's what he was trying to do with you?
I don't think so. I think if he was trying to help me, he wouldn't be calling me lame or saying that - what was it that he said in Pulse Magazine? That, uh, something like having me and Leif Garrett there together was as offensive as pissing in a deaf girl's ear.

Yeah. Pretty harsh.

Well, thanks very much, Corey Feldman. I really appreciate your time here. Why should people care about Corey Feldman?
Well, they don't have to! (laughs) You know, hopefully people will get the idea that, you know, for whatever reason, I don't know why, I guess sometimes I become the flavour of the month, and, people enjoy ridiculing me, but at the same time, I know there are alot of people who appreciate what I have to say and what I have to offer, and my intentions are only to try and cut through the cynicism of the negative dark world that we live in, and try and shed some light and possibly give ourselves a hope for a new future.

Beautifully put, Corey Feldman! What can we look forward to you putting out? Like you have the CD out. Are you going to be touring the West Coast?
Well, I'd like to. I'd like to do a tour, and hopefully we're headed in that direction. On the other end of things, I also have a couple of films that I'm looking at right now. I'm actually reading a bunch of scripts and I assure that they won't be B movies! (laughs)

But there's nothing wrong with that!
Well, there is for me. I mean I'm not too proud of those things, you know.

  But we are! We love Meatballs IV, and Rock 'N' Roll High School Part II, and the Gong Show with Ike Turner!

Those to me are pinnacle career moments! And, you know, all those movies are great, Corey. Anything else coming out though in video that's being released, coming out now, like any other movies and-
I have a movie that's supposed to be coming out at the end of the summer called Fortune Hunters.

And what is that released on? Is that straight to video?
No, it should be in the theatres, from what I've heard. It's by the same people that released Baby Geniuses. And, that's an interesting movie. I think you'll like it. It's kind of quirky.

Great! Well, anything else you would like to add?
Um, no, that pretty much covers it for me. I hope somebody got something positive out of this. That's all I can say.

Well thanks very much, Corey Feldman. Keep on rockin' in the free world.
Thank you.

And, doot doola doot doo...
Doot doo.

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