Nardwuar vs Cynthia Plaster Caster

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Nardwuar: Who are you?
Cynthia Plaster Caster: I'm Cynthia P Caster. The "P" stands for plaster.

You're Cynthia Plaster Caster! Do you have any ID to that effect at all, Cynthia?
Yes, I have a calling card, right here. It's my latest.

CPC's business 

card Now, Cynthia, you are a key-punch operator by day, but really for the people that don't know...
I capture as many hard-ons as possible of super heroes and creative, talented men's penises.

You are in the molding business!
Uh, business? It's more of a hobby right now.

How did you get into the molding hobby?
It was the result of being a horny, unbroken virgin in the '60s that wanted to get laid and had never seen a penis before and had a homework assignment from my art teacher to make a plaster cast of something hard. And the very weekend that Paul Revere and the Raiders and the Hollies were in town, me and my girlfriend were looking around for a way of getting ourselves singled out from the crowd. And we thought, why not combine my homework assignment with achieving this? And, uh, well we didn't succeed in getting my cast, but I did succeed in losing my virginity.

To Mark Lindsay?
As a matter of fact!

He was a hot one!
Yeah, "Kicks" was number one in charts for five weeks when i broken so settled him instead of a Beatle or Stone as originally planned because the hit single factor.

So Mark Lindsay was not #001 then.
Oh, not cast, no. Maybe he was the second or third person that I asked if they'd pose for me, without knowing what I was going to use for a mold, because my art teacher had told me to use sand and water, and I didn't think would be too conducive to a hard-on from what I'd heard. You see, I had never seen a penis until that very weekend. And, uh.... In her humble beginnings.

Were you the first person to do this? When you told your art teacher that you were going to be doing this, had anybody ever done this before?
Well, um, I didn't wind up telling my art teacher that, but I believe that men have been casting themselves with plaster or other molding materials for years. I think the Egyptians were probably dipping their dicks in sand and water. I knew a bartender at Gino's Pizza that cast his dick in algenates before I did. As well as an insurance salesman I worked with.

How do you decide who to cast? I guess at first you thought, "Hey, I want to meet Mark Lindsay." But how do you decide? What do you look for in a person you want to cast? Because I know there's that saying that you can look at somebody's hand, when you look at their hand, what are the hints, Cynthia Plaster Caster?
Well, first of all, I am not a size queen, so I am not looking for large penises. I am only interested in capturing the dicks of talented, creative, super-heroic people that made my life better, that are really cool in some way or another. Mostly artistic people, but it could be a certain basketball player.

Are there many non-musicians that have been plaster casted?
There are a few too many roadies in my collection that snuck their way into my... for example, the Who's roadie told me that we could do Roger Daltrey if we did him first. And, Roger conveniently snuck out of the room before the mold was set.

Have you ever been able to hit him for that afterwards?
I haven't. They ascended into superstardom so I could never get to him backstage. No, I haven't confronted him with that.

How do you approach your subjects? You said you are not necessarily looking for length. How do you approach your subjects? What exactly do you say to them?
Um, well, because I'm so shy, my partner usually gives the subject a calling card. Or lately friends of mine in the music business introduced me to people. I don't look for people anymore because my collection is big and beefy enough. I do it for fun now and...

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