Nardwuar: Who are you?
Elijah Wood: I'm not really sure.

You're Elijah Wood!
EW: Yeah, yeah.

EW: Yeah, otherwise known as 'Elwood' by friends.

And what the hell are you doing right here? You were DJ-ing tonight Elijah.
EW: I was DJ-ing the wrap party of a movie that a bunch of us filmed here in Vancouver, called 'Try Seventeen.'

So Elijah you were in 'Back to the Future II'. 'Back to the Future II'!
EW: Not many people know this. Nardwuar, you've done your homework.

I'm very excited by 'Back to the Future' though because did you realize Crispin Glover was shooting a movie in town just recently?
EW: No!

Shooting the movie 'Willard.' He was in 'Back to the Future'-
EW: Two???

He was in 'Back to the Future I.'
EW: Oh.

I think he was in 'Back to the Future II' and he had to sue to get himself out of it.
EW: Yes, he was, he was.

So what were you doing in 'Back to the Future II' Elijah, that's pretty strange, you must've been very young.
EW: I, I was young. I was eight years old, and uh it was one of the first movies I ever did, actually, and uh it was cool man, I was on, like, this futuristic set, and I played a kid trying to work 'Duck Hunt.' Remember the old video game 'Duck Hunt'? You don't remember 'Duck Hunt'?

No I don't, help me.
EW: Aren't you a child of the 80's, or the 70's?

Maybe the 60's, eh? [Laughs]
EW: No!

How old are you by the way Elijah?
EW: How old are you?

How old are you Elijah?
EW: [very geeky laugh] I'm 21.

Welcome to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
EW: Thank you.


So 'Back to the Future II'. Crispin Glover was in town, you could have had a little reunion with him, he was shooting the movie 'Willard.
' EW: I could have, but I don't think he would have remembered me, I worked for a day.

What exactly were you doing again, you were just playing a video game, that's it?
EW: Trying to work an old video game in a thing called the 'Café 80's'.

Now you're in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and you were staying at the Sutton Place Hotel under a little "assumed name". I won't give it away-
EW: Yeah, yeah, yeah, the Sutton Place seems to be little Hollywood.

That's what I was curious about, who have you, like bumped into since you've been in town here Elijah?
EW: Who have I bumped into...I've seen a lot of actors, none that I can name...

Like, Ivana Trump was in there?
EW: She was!

What the hell's going on there Elijah?
EW: Franka Potente, who was working in the movie as well, spotted her. I didn't notice her, but she spotted her.

So who have you bumped to in the lobby, you know in the Sutton Place. Must be some people...
EW: Oh man... trying to think! I've bumped into people but I've not said anything to them. I tend to keep to myself. [Laughs]

You've done a lot of-
EW: I'm terribly boring.

You've done a lot of exploring of record stores though. Sing the praises of Scratch Records if you could.
EW: Oh absolutely, do you want me to literally sing? I can.

Oh if you could please Elijah.
EW: [sings] Scratch [sings an octave higher] Scraaaatch [sings another octave higher] Scraaaaaatch

So they provided you with 'Trail of Dead' records.
EW: They did, yes! And 'Clinic' and all sorts of other things as well. And two 'White Stripes' bootlegs.

Really? And what other sort of music are you into? Cause like people are probably gonna freak out when they you're like into the 'White Stripes' or you're into the 'Sonics'. Are you like the only Hollywood dude into the 'Sonics'?
EW: Maybe. I hear that's your favorite band.

They are! I love the 'Sonics'!
EW: The 'Sonics' are awesome!

Are there any closet punkers in Hollywood, have you come across anybody with cool music tastes, cause I understand you want to take your music tastes and even turn it into a record label.
EW: I'd love to, eventually yeah... I don't know many actors that are that into music, to be honest.

You also went to some gigs here too, the Von Bondies!
EW: The Von Bondies! And, and the, the Soledad Brothers who opened up for them, who I think are better.

Really? You heard it here first, from Elijah Wood!
EW: Oh God I hope they don't hear that. I'd... oh that's terrible.

Okay well what else would you like to sing the praises of there Elijah, like what other music did you pick up in Vancouver? What other gigs did you go to?
EW: Ummm... I haven't been to any other gigs, that's the only gig I got to make it to but...other know I'd love to give some press to Verbena, I'm a huge Verbena fan. Do you know Verbena?

No I don't, explain me please Elijah Wood.
EW: [stifling a laugh] They are a band from Alabama. They're very blues-y, kind of rock-n-roll. They put out an album in 1997 called ummm... 'Souls for Sale', it's brilliant. And the record after that, 'Into the Pink,' was produced by Dave Grohl, of Foo Fighters and Nirvana fame.

For 'Try Seventeen' Elijah, are you going to have any input on the soundtrack?
EW: Believe me, if there's anything I can say about it, it's not going to be terrible.

Have there been any movies you've had an input in?
EW: Umm... no, no, there hasn't, but I-I plan to do something with this hopefully.

Now you don't like metal do you?
EW: Metal?

I heard you don't like heavy metal.
EW: I like old metal.

But I heard you don't like heavy metal, or country music, or rap.
EW: Oh no, that's old news. I love rap-

I'm glad you've changed.
EW: Yes, uh... I love country, actually. Old country. And heavy metal... Black Sabbath is probably where my heavy metal-

Exactly, that's what I was going to ask you about-
EW: Yeah

I was going to ask you about the Osbournes, like how could you hate metal and you were on the Osbournes?
EW: I love the Osbournes.

Now when you got on that show, did you ever think it would end up being the number one rated show in America?
EW: I wasn't surprised! [Laughs] They're absolutely fascinating to watch, and to be a part of. They're great people.

On that particular episode, you were cleaning up, was it, dog urine?
EW: Dog urine. Yeah. One of the-they've got many dogs that like to shit and urinate everywhere. And uh... yeah. They urinated on the couch so I had to clean up.

And you ended up going to a Smashing Pumpkins gig, which is pretty ironic too because doesn't Sharon Osbourne hate the Pumpkins?
EW: She hates Billy Corgan. She used to represent Billy Corgan, and now hates him. But I actually went and saw Zwan that night, which is Billy Corgan's new band.

Elijah Wood, here in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, did you see that the 'Fox Cinema' had a little presentation of 'Meet the Feebles'?
EW: No! When?

Yes, the 'Fox Cinema', an old porno theater in Vancouver, actually they do the porno during the week, and they do Criminal Cinema on the weekends, and they had a special exclusive of Peter Jackson's 'Meet the Feebles'.
EW: Oh my god!

What can you tell the people about 'Meet the Feebles' and Peter Jackson, Elijah?
EW: Well, 'Meet the Feebles' is basically the Muppets on acid. Uhhh...

The Muppets doing porn.
EW: And that as well... and eating shit and all sorts of other wonderful things. Uh it's a really early movie of uh Peter Jackson's, and it's all Muppet sort of stuff.

How the hell did he get 'Lord of the Rings' out of 'Meet the Feebles'? What an amazing indie film that is!
EW: Amazing. Amazing. And, uh, 'Heavenly Creatures' for that matter. Brilliant. He's a brilliant director.

It's like all out of puppets, 'Meet the Feebles' too isn't it? Do you know where he keeps those puppets?
EW: They're all housed in the WETA effects building. WETA is a company that he made with Richard Taylor, uh, back during 'Meet the Feebles.' So, they're all there. They're all in New Zealand.

So does he shower much?
EW: [chuckles] Ummm... [laughing] yes, yes he does. I think he has to! He works very hard.

Elijah Wood, you've been here in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, working on the movie 'Try Seventeen' and I was wondering if you'd like to comment at all-if you could hold this please [Nardwuar hands Elijah a newspaper clipping], Elijah, on the cover of the Province newspaper here, and if you notice the headline, what does the headline there say?
EW: [cheesy announcer voice] Uhhh..."Hobbit and friend snuggle at game! 'Lord of the Rings' Elijah Wood and actor Franka Potente step out for the playoffs."

I love when you open the paper it has... "He's the Lord of-
EW: The Rink". They just love to do those cheesy tag-lines in relation to that film don't they? It's fantastic. In fact, I saw an ad for tires the other day, that said 'Lord of the Rims'. An ad! A big, uh, billboard ad! They-

That would be a good name for a porno wouldn't it?
EW: [chuckles] yeah, right. 'Lord of the Rim'. Yes.

Elijah Wood is a great porno name, isn't it?
EW: [Laughs] Is it?

Like 'Elijah Wood' that would be a great name.
EW: Oh the 'Wood' yes. Yes it is.

Like Elijah-
EW: I don't know whether to be offended or to go with that, but I understand-

Elijah, teach me about your sword.
EW: Yes. [stifles a laugh]

And your little stinger.
EW: Yes. [stifles a laugh]

But I was just curious, can you comment on, you know what's it like when you roll into town, you go to the hockey game, which I also understand you were a bit repulsed by, it was a bit rough, wasn't it for you?
EW: Uhh it was a sad game. Sad game. Sad to see Vancouver lose the title.

But did you realize that you'd be, like photographed in the box, did you think that was a private box?
EW: Uh, yeah well... oddly enough, it was a press box we were sitting in, so we were kind of asking for it I guess, but for some reason you just assume that you have some anan-ana-ananominity...anonymity? Yeah, anonymity. Umm... but yeah, I don't know. It's weird to see that.

Have a lot of people come by the set of the movie? I heard like about a thousand kids have come by the set of the movie. I know we're bugging you here at the wrap party of 'Try Seventeen' but did a lot of kids come by the set?
EW: A lot of kids.

Like a thousand kids?
EW: Maybe if you counted them all throughout the entire filming schedule, probably.

And they were all looking for your autograph.
EW: Yeah. [stifles a laugh]

Were they all dressed as hobbits too, or what was-were there any interesting people that showed up there?
EW: Well they were all, incidentally, they were all Catholic school girls.

Which is very convenient for you.
EW: [chuckles] I don't know. [giggles]

What other stuff did they present you with?
EW: [still giggling] What's that?

What other stuff did they present you with? Like did you get any neat gifts from them at all Elijah?
EW: Yeah well... there's actually an interesting gift. Umm... [chuckles] you'll remember this. There was an interview that I had in 'Rolling Stone' magazine-

Where you mentioned 'The Sea and Cake'?
EW: Yes! Which I love!

It's amazing to give them props!
EW: Aww massive props.

And the 'Hives' too!
EW: Yeah, massive props! Good things!

And Amoeba Records in LA!
EW: GOOD THINGS! Have you been there?

No, I've been to the one in San Francisco, and Berkeley but not the LA one.

I would love to hook up with you and go record shopping. I understand you know all the clerks there too.
EW: [Laughs] I, well-

We could go to the Pasadena swap meet together too!
EW: There you go! Anyway what was I talking about?