Nardwuar: Who are you?
Ice Cube: [laughs] Ice Cube.

Ice Cube, welcome to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
Thanks man.

I'm really excited because you're shooting this movie Are We There Yet? in Vancouver, and Vancouver is playing Vancouver. Is that true, Ice Cube?
Yeah Vancouver is playing itself.

Which is totally amazing because it never happens that way.
Yeah, most people come here and shoot every other city but Vancouver, but a lot of movies are shot right here and we said, "Yo we there, why the hell won't we use Vancouver?" You know?

Thank you very much for acknowledging that Ice Cube, and I wanted to ask you a bit more about the movie Are We There Yet? I understand that you're fighting a deer in the movie. That sounds exciting, Ice Cube verses a deer!
[laughs] Yeah, and I kick that deer ass too! Don't worry about nothing y'know. It's a kids comedy, family movie and it's a trip to see me with a couple of kids, y'know I think that's funny in itself.

And Nia Long is also in the movie and she was also with you in Boyz 'N The Hood too?
Yeah, Nia Long, we've been following each other's career for the longest. She's been down since Boyz 'N The Hood. She was in Friday with me and now we've come full circle. And Jay Mohr is in it, , y'know comedian, really funny dude, so we got a good movie.

Ice Cube, I'd like to thank you again for setting your movie in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I don't know if you're familiar with who lives in Vancouver, but Tommy Chong used to live in Vancouver. Did you know that, Ice Cube?
It seems like it with all the bud you got going on around here. Tommy Chong coming from BC, y'know that seems about right.

Tommy Chong used to live in Vancouver, but now unfortunately he's in jail. But on behalf of the people from Vancouver, British Columbia, I want to give you a present Ice Cube for actually setting your movie Are We There Yet? in Vancouver, and this is a present from Tommy Chong and the people of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. This is a Cheech And Chong incense burner for you, Ice Cube. [Nardwuar hands Ice cube  a Cheech And Chong incense burner]
[laughs] Yeah. I'm loving this. Y'know this is one of my favourite gifts. I'm feeling this man.

A Cheech And Chong incense burner, just to let the kids know. An incense burner.
Yeah, we'll keep some incense burning in here, no problem. But I like this man, I dig this. I was a big fan of these movies. We kind of loosely based our Friday movies on these Cheech And Chong movies.

That's what I was going to say. You're like the next descendant of the Chongster, aren't you, Ice Cube?
Everybody gotta have a godfather, so I guess Tommy Chong and Cheech, those are our godfathers. Me and Smokey, me and Day-Day.

Ice Cube, the first time I heard N.W.A. I was scared.

[laughs] It really scared me!
You look scared now.

Well, you're nice Cube, so I'm not that scared.

You're the nice Cube, but thinking back you guys weren't the first to do the gangsta thing were you? Well I guess the full-on West Coast thing, but Schoolly D, he did a bit of the gangsterisms too didn't he, from Philly? Does Schoolly D get any props at all, Ice Cube?
Yeah, Schoolly D get much props. He was definitely one of the originators of gangsta rap, you gotta say that. Also you gotta say KRS-One, y'know, Boogie Down Productions, they was doing some hardcore records back then. There's a few people that came before N.W.A., but no people came like N.W.A. Y'know what I mean? So N.W.A. gotta be the world's most dangerous group.

Yes, I am still scared.

But I was wondering Ice Cube, Schoolly D could breakdance. What's your dancing ability like Ice Cube?
I have none.

You've never tried any?
Nope I'm like Sir Noise, devoid of funk. I will never dance.

Ice Cube, one other group that I've been interested in is the rock 'n' roll group Cameo. Some people give them a bad rap, but what is the coolness about the Cameo, because I think they're pretty amazing, aren't they? [hands Ice cube a Cameo record]
Yeah, Cameo's off the hook. I mean, on this record, "Be Yourself" was dope, "Flirt" was dope, "Alligator Woman" was off the hook, so... I mean, this album only has eight songs, man. I don't think you can get away with that nowadays.

But Cameo sometimes get a bad rap, don't they? I mean, they don't always get the respect they deserve. I think nowadays I think the Outkast are even having Cameo's bass player on some of their recordings.
I don't know if Cameo's getting a bad rap. I mean, who got time to dis Cameo?

Certainly not me, speaking here to Ice Cube on the set of the movie Are We...
Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet? And I was wondering Ice Cube, your good homey friend Snoop Dogg, I interviewed him a little while back and I showed him this record by Flip Wilson. [hands Ice Cube a Flip Wilson record] And Flip Wilson is wearing a dress here. And I said to Snoop, "Would you ever wear a dress?" And Snoop said...
"Hell no!"