"Hell no!" Now why is that? Why would Snoop not wanna wear a dress and would you ever wear a dress there Ice Cube, like Flip Wilson?
Hell no! And I don't know why he wouldn't want to wear a dress, but I ain't into it. I leave it up to Flip.

Ice Cube, on your brand new LP with the West Side Connection, you guys have a song called "Pimp The System."

And on it, you sample the ArchBishop Don Magic Juan.

Now who is that guy, the ArchBishop Don Magic Juan? He pops up everywhere. He's around Snoop. What's the history of the Arch Bishop?
He's just one of the OG players. He's been doing it a long time, give us a lot of love in Chicago when we come through. So we gotta give it up to the ArchBishop, you know what I mean? I put him in a movie or two. He was in Friday After Next. You know, he's our man.

He's always popping up everywhere. It's cool to see him at all these awards shows in the background. Like The ArchBishop is down, isn't he? The ArchBishop is in the house.
Yeah, the ArchBishop, he's an alright dude with us. Oh, take your records back.

Thank you very much, Ice Cube.
I like this. (Cheech And Chong incense burner)

Yes, that's for you. That's for you to keep here. A gift from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
Can you smoke this?

Incense only there, Ice Cube. And Ice Cube, I was wondering about your first group here, the CIA. [hands Ice Cube a CIA record] This is your first group.
Yeah, this is my first group.

And this was before NWA. What was the CIA like and what happened to the rest of the guys?
Criminals In Action, that's what CIA stood for. And, uh, you know you got Sir Jinx. He went on to produce for me on a couple of records. And then you got my man, KD, and I put a record out on him in '97. So, you know, everybody's still around. Where'd you find this, dude?

Just in a record store called Beat Street in Vancouver. They've reissued that. That's a reissue. It's a bootleg!
Produced by Dr. Dre.

Produced by Dr. Dre. And I was wondering that, Ice Cube, what was it like back then with the CIA scene? What was it like, the pre-NWA? 'Cause I've seen pictures of Ice-T and he's looking pretty crazy dressed up electronica. What did you look like back then in the CIA era?
Trust me, I didn't look like none of them dudes y'know. I still dressed like myself. See, we was broke so we couldn't afford nothing but khakis and T-shirts. So we just dressed like ourselves back then. And, you know, it was cool. We were all struggling, we was all trying to get on. It's not my favourite record. But we was on wax, we was happy.

Ice-T was into that sort of electronica thing, wasn't he? Like, was wearing some crazy outfits, wasn't he?
Yeah, I don't know. I think he was into the breakdance and stuff. Back then in the '80s, you know what I mean, breakdancing, you had on the spikes. Nothing like what you got on, but similar.

Ice-T was down with it.
I don't know about all that. But I know, dude, he wore spikes, yeah.

Ice Cube, lastly, I wanted to ask you a bit of a controversial question about The Source magazine. Lately, they've been going on and on about "Is Eminem a racist?" What do you think about that Source versus Eminem situation that's going out there?
I don't care. Who cares?
Because Eminem apparently recorded something that was racist on some tape that was around for 10 years. What are your feelings about digging up tapes from the past and putting them out in the mainstream?
Who cares, really? I mean, to be honest, who cares if he's a racist or not. Who cares?

Well, thanks so much Ice Cube. Anything else you want to add to the people out there at all?
I love this, man. Thanks. I appreciate this.(Cheech And Chong incense burner)

That's from the people of Vancouver and  me, Nardwuar The Human Serviette, for you Ice Cube. Because you actually shot your movie in Vancouver and actually based your movie in Vancouver, which is very, very rare.
Yeah, this is the bomb, man. I'll let you smoke it with me later.

Incense again, just for the kids. This is a kids movie, Are We There Yet? An incense burner. And actually, lastly there, Ice Cube, do you still buy in bulk?
Yeah man, I buy a lot in bulk. Yeah.

Alright, well, thanks so much. Keep on rocking in the free world, Ice Cube. And doot doola doot doo...
[laughs] Is this dude crazy? West Side for life all day every day. It don't stop 'til the pennies drop, you know!

That will work. "You know " is almost like "Doot Doo" !
Are we there yet?

I think we are.