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Nardwuar vs Marilyn Manson

Who are you?
"Who aren't I? " is a better question.

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You are Marilyn...
I'm Marilyn. I'm Manson sometimes. My parents gave me the name of Brian Warner. Some people call me "Doctor" as a nickname, but I am a little bit of everyone. That's why I try and remind everyone that no matter how bad or different or interesting or strange people think I am, there is a little bit of everybody in me.

And you are up here in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada talking about your throbbing uncircumsized member! Please tell us a little bit about that, Marilyn Manson.
Not my throbbing uncircumsized member. I'm circumsized, and it may be throbbing from time to time. I was pointing out, uh, how words are letters arranged in different ways, and when you arrange them just right, you get things like "throbbing uncircumsized members."

Now, Marilyn Manson, you can also arrange numbers: numerology. In your first couple of records, there was quite a bit of numerology. Lately hasn't been as much. Any comment?
There still has been numerology. This time around on the new record I was using one of the numbers that exists in the tarot. It was very esoteric numerology and things like that. But fifteen is my number.

Marilyn and Posse

Aren't you working on some tarot cards too? Is there going to be Marilyn Manson tarot cards? I know there was some sort of tarot cards. But are there going to be Marilyn Manson tarot cards?
I think we may eventually put out a deck. I like the esthetic value in all tarot cards, so I want to do my own.

Is there Marilyn Manson lipstick?
There used to be, strangely enough. There was, at one point. It was bright red, but now there is no Marilyn Manson lipstick. I have an action figure though. It says, "Not safe for children under the age of four."

That's not a Todd McFarlane one, is it?
No. I thought everyone does the Todd McFarlane doll, so.... I sought out some Japanese manufacturers who allowed me to include weapons - and throbbing members - in my action figure set. It would be much more interesting than average Todd McFarlane ones.

Although he is Canadian, and you are in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, right, Marilyn Manson?
I am a fan of Todd McFarlane, but I just had to have guns and throbbing members in my doll.

So, what about some of the imagery that you really like. Jodorowsky or Kenneth Anger: what can you say about that sort of stuff? You really enjoy that kind of stuff, don't you, Marilyn Manson?
Um, I think it is the type of - they're both the filmmakers that inspired the era that we're in, you know, and I like to pay tribute to them. I think Kenneth Anger is kind of way out there, as well as Jodorowsky, but-



What can you tell people about them, for people that don't know?
Well, Kenneth Anger was someone who was very much involved in the occult. He worked with the Rolling Stones and Jimmy Page and - I think his films were more experimental than Jodorowsky. Jodorowsky is someone who I am actually making a movie with later this year or early next year hopefully called Able Cain, so that's an honour for me because he is one of my heroes. He's seventy now, but he is still a genius as always.

And you are Marilyn Manson! Now, Marilyn, you love films! What can you say about some of these that I've just jotted down - I was just wondering the importance of them. Number one: The Holy Mountain.
That's my favourite Jodorowsky film. I think it's uh, it deals with religion in a different storytelling sort of way. The imagery, every scene I think is just something beautiful. Even if you turn the sound off, it is just a very beautiful film to watch, something that has inspired a lot of my videos.

Marilyn Suave-eh

What about Even Dwarves Started Small?
Actually I have that film as well. That was-

Werner Herzog, right?
Werner Herzog, yes. Uh, very, I guess he's an eccentric, sort of the German version of Jodorowsky in a way. I like that movie. I thought it had alot of - they used dwarves to tell the more universal story about discrimination. I thought it was a good movie.

Crimes of the Future by David Cronenberg?
I've seen all Cronenbergs but I am not familiar with that one.

Marilyn Manson, David Lynch, Eraserhead - you like that flick, right? Who doesn't really like it, right?
Of course. Not my favourites of his, but I do enjoy it.

Now there is a rumour - are you going to be working on a movie with David Lynch there? Are you going to be working on a movie with him with Billy Ray Cyrus in it? I heard this little rumour that you are going to be working with Billy Ray Cyrus - in a mullet, Marilyn Manson!
That sounds like a fantastic idea but that's not true. I did do a tiny cameo on Lost Highway. I think Lynch is kind of going in a different direction with him films now, I think more of a mainstream directions, so I am not real sure what his next film is, but I was a fan, and consider him a friend, but I don't have any Billy Ray Cyrus projects coming up.

Marilyn Manson, did you once approach Jello Biafra to be in a film? Jello Biafra once told me this, that Marilyn Manson had approached him.
I met him in Europe and I may have been drunk and said, "Let's make a movie," but I didn't really approach him. He approached - we approached one another.



Do you think you might put him in a movie?
Didn't he play a Canadian border guard in a film?

Yes, he did! In Highway 61 by Bruce McDonald.
That's exactly right. I saw that film. I wouldn't be opposed to putting him in the film.

Well, Marilyn Manson, speaking of hockey hair and mullets: Creed. What about Creed? Are they really the new Stryper of the new millennium?
Those are your words, not mine, but I think that's quite an accurate description.

Actually I thought you might have actually said that. I noticed it on the website. Have you checked that one out at all, Marilyn Manson, metalsludge?
I've seen that - well, I can say this without using any defamation of character that if they are the Stryper and they are the Christians that they say they are, I have seen them at liquor serving establishments which I find to be very unChristianlike.

Nardwuar and his "friends"

Now, I don't know if you are going to like this or not, Marilyn Manson, but um, if you could hold the mic here for one second-

What do you see? This I think really offends you. What do you see here?
[Nardwuar removes his shirt]
I see a very hairy chest, but quite impressively shaped though. There's a symmetry to the way the hair is growing on your chest.

I understand, Marilyn Manson, that that kind of disgusts you slightly.
Not necessarily. It's uh, I myself don't like chest hair on my own body. I don't mind it on other people's bodies; that's their bodies.

Marilyn Manson, Quiet Riot. Did you bring them in one time to play a private party? Did you help bring them back?
Unfortunately I think I may have been responsible for bringing them back. I did have them play a party.

"Come on Feel the Noize" - why, what happened? Have they been hitting you up for opening spots at all?
No, but they were on some VH1 "Return of" something or other, and I feel like I may have put them back into the public eye which I feel might not have been a good thing to do.

Marilyn Manson, what about King Diamond? Are you a big King Diamond fan?
The rest of my band is, but I missed the King Diamond thing. When I was into metal, it somehow escaped me.

Because for people who don't know, there have been a lot of comparisons between King Diamond and Marilyn Manson?
Our voices are very similar. He has that realy high... "laaaa" thing going on, that I can't really do, but...

But like the name, you know: King Diamond, Marilyn Manson, you both sing about the occult, and you've both been ordained priests, by Anton LaVey.
Is he also?

Yes, he was the first rock 'n' roller ever to be ordained a priest by the Church of Satan. The guy from King Diamond, King Diamond. Just like you, Marilyn Manson!
Well, I guess maybe we're not so different.


  Holy Manson!

Marilyn, I was wondering, when you were ordained a high priest, did you actually get to check out Anton LaVey's place? Because friends of mine actually have a couch from the "ritual chamber." What's it like there?
I considered him to be a good friend. I had spent many occasions at his house. I think it was what people would expect, I guess. It lived up to my expectations. It was a nice place.

Did you cry when he died?
I didn't cry, but I was sad because he was kind of like an uncle in a way to me.

You don't think he is going to come back as a bat at all, do you?
I would hope that he would. That would probably be his dream.

Well, Marilyn Manson, a couple of quick questions here. You covered "I Put a Spell on You" by Screamin' Jay Hawkins.
I did.

That's a great song. Now, he recently died. Did you realize he had sex twenty-one times a day?
No, but that's a fantastic thing that may have caused his death in some way.

Have you ever been able to compete with that number, Marilyn, twenty-one times a day for sex? Do you think you would be able to be up there with Screamin' Jay?
I think I'm at eleven, is my average.

He also had fifty-seven kids.
That's a lot of kids. A lot of mouths to feed. A lot of skulls to shake.

You have a new girlfriend now. Dita von Teese?
This is true.

Now she has the largest corset collection in the United States of America? That's pretty interesting!
She gave me a corset. I think that is how we initially met and bonded through our corsetry fascination.



And, winding up here, Marilyn, do you realize in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, "Beautiful People" is a song they use when the Vancouver Canucks hockey team rush on to the ice?
That's good. I don't like sports so that makes it ironic for me. But hockey is more violent than most sports so I think that works.

Manson Handler: Nardwuar, sorry, we have to go. We have a plane to catch, and they're going to be late.

Well, I'm just going to ask you one last thing: Corey Feldman. Corey Feldman. I did an interview with Corey Feldman a little while back and he was stoked to be in your book, but then he was kind of scared, because.. did you turn on Corey Feldman? Because you're a great Corey Feldman fan, Marilyn Manson. What was the deal between you and Corey Feldman?
I think he was disappointed that about some of the comments that I made about him, but I felt that they were all in good spirits. I wasn't trying to be cruel to him. He was never the actor that Patrick Dempsey was; I find him to be my favourite '80s actor.

You said it was as offensive hanging with him as it would be "pissing in a deaf girls' ear," him and Leif Garrett. That is what you said in Pulse Magazine.
No, I think that's mixed up a little bit. There was some pissing in the deaf girl and there was Leif Garrett, but they were never all in the same room.

Well, thanks very much, Marilyn Manson, really appreciate your time. What is your favourite internet search engine?
Um, dogpile or

Great! Well, thanks very much. Keep on rockin' in the free world, and doot doola doot doo...
Doot doot.


Interview Date: May 11, 2001

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