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Jeff, Tom, Nardwuar, Cindy

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Nardwuar: Ok. I guess, first off, who are you?
Tom: I’m Tom Araya­

Of Slayer!
Tom: Of Slayer! Yes, that’s right.

Tom & Jeff

And Tom, who else is in Slayer? Who else, beside you?
Tom: Besides me? There’s Kerry, Paul and Jeff.

But beside you immediately right now... who are you?
Jeff: Who am I? I’m Jeff Hanneman of Slayer.

And you are Jeff of Slayer. Now, Tom, where did you first learn how to "hot knife"?
Tom: How to "hot knife"? Oh ho ho! (laughs) That was a long time ago! I think it was around Larry’s Hideaway (laughs) in Toronto!

It wasn’t... was it not in Winnipeg, Canada? Because there are some guys in a band called­
Tom: Na na na­



Sinister Witch and they claim they taught you how to "hot knife"­
Tom: Nah­Tom getting a drink!

At Wellington’s.
Tom: That wasn’t, that was in Toronto. It was in... it actually was in Toronto, but it was in Larry’s... it’s an old club that’s no longer there anymore, Larry’s Hideaway, I think it was called.

So Canadians did teach Slayer how to "hot knife"!
Tom: Yeah, how to "hot knife" and burn your lips! (laughs)

On this brand new LP, Tom, you have a song called "Scrum." What is that

all about? What’s the song "Scrum" all about?
Jeff: It’s about not "hot knifing" but it’s about rugby apparently.
Tom: And wearing funny little hats. (laughs)

Well, they’re detachable, actually. They have little things that happen there, Tom. But, no, Tom, is that changing things? Is that changing? Like, does that mean... is there any more… is... does that mean Satan’s over? I mean, rugby song for Slayer!?
Tom: You’re going to have to ask Kerry that! (laughs) That’s Kerry’s tune.

How filled with hate are you guys? Are you guys still filled with hate? Is it still rolling? Is it still rocking? Is Slayer still doing it? Like how have you keeped yourself full of hate all these years?
Jeff: Who said we were hateful? We’re not hateful. We’re lovable.

Well, you know, like just, you know, there’s elements, like, just angst! How have you kept that way, Tom of Slayer?
Tom: By meeting people like you! (laughs)

Well, what do you think, Tom, do you think Metallica... are Metallica wimps? Come on, they’re wimps, aren’t they?
Tom: I don’t know.



Are Metallica wimps?
Jeff: I never got into a fight with them, so I don’t know.

But their fans... your fans think that they’re wimps, don’t they?
Tom: I.... probably do, yeah.

Because, like, your fans are pretty devoted to you. What do you think of your fans?
Jeff: They’re devoted to us, very much, yes they are.

Do you notice them heading to the liquor store right now? There’s a whole bunch of them walking to the liquor store. I was wearing my Slayer T-shirt and they were like, "Yeah, Slayer, the gig’s tonight!" They got the liquor!
Tom: That’s okay. They’ve got to get the right mindset I guess.

Tom's Tee-shirtThey’re so devoted to you, they refuse to believe any-thing that is told to them about Slayer. Do you guys like yogurt at all?
Jeff: I don’t.
Tom: I do. (laughs)

You like yogurt!
Tom: With fruit! (laughs)

There is this guy, Tom, in Tacoma, his name is The Mosher. Now, this guy in Tacoma, his name is The Mosher. He was told, I think he was told that Slayer eat yogurt! And he was like, "Slayer eats yogurt?! No way!!! No, that’s not what I believe! Slayer, Slayer eat... pussy, man!"
Tom: Yeah, I do that too! (laughs)

What, what do you think about... I mean, is it, da da... they just couldn’t change this guy’s opinion like they have the stuff, you know, that’s stuck in your mind, like, you don’t eat yogurt.
Jeff: I do not eat yogurt, no.

But what do you think of these fans that have this idea about you, you know, like, you do, you eat yogurt and pussy, like, it’s weird that they have that feeling, don’t you think so? Like, they believe stuff maybe that isn’t actually true?
Tom: That’s true, very true. There are a lot of things that they believe that aren’t true. (laughs)



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