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Now, Tom, were you in Paris over Christmas?
Tom: Um, not over Christmas, no.

Okay, because there’s another guy, another guy called Scruz, a hesher from Tacoma, and he swore he saw Tom from Slayer in Paris!
Tom: When?

Over Christmas.
Tom: What year?

This year.
Tom: No! (laughs)


Because he thought, "No, Tom, isn’t it, there’s, no, there’s no way he eats yogurt, there’s no way he’s in Paris with his girlfriend. He doesn’t have a girlfriend!"
Tom: No, I’m married. (laughs)

What was it like touring with Judas Priest?
Jeff: I don’t even remember. That was such a long time ago, but I think it went well.
Tom: That was a good tour. That was 1989.

What was the interaction between Slayer fans and Priest fans? Did you notice the difference between Priest fans and Slayer fans?
Tom: Mmmm, no, the only thing I noticed was all the chairs were collapsed when we played, so, the first ten rows would usually collapse.

Because there is that story of that one Priest fan meeting Rob Halford who was dressed in lingerie and breaking out into tears. Did any of that happen backstage? Like, was Rob in any lingerie, you know, going around?
Tom: Uh, I’m sorry, I don’t know him that well! (laughs)



Well, how about, Jeff, how about on the rider, is there anything bizarre that has been put on the rider? Like, do Slayer put any socks on the rider?
Jeff: No socks (laughs). No, not at all but­

You know, for the masturbation-in-the-sock routine. Come on! You know about that one, don’t you, Tom? It keeps things nice and clean!
Tom: Yeah, it does! (laughs)

A PINK Slayer Jacket!Would Slayer fans cry if they saw this jacket? (Nardwuar points to pink satin jacket worn by Cindy Wolfe) Check this right over here. Look that this jacket that Cindy has. She was a "South of Heaven" prom queen. Look, a pink Slayer jacket with on the back....
Tom: Wow, that’s really cool.

Now, would Slayer fans cry if they saw that? That’s not really the standard Slayer jacket, is it?
Jeff: It says Slayer on it. That’s all that counts, I think.

But she was the queen of the South of Heaven prom which happens in Tacoma, Washington, believe it­
Tom: The South of Heaven prom.
Cindy: Every year. In Olympia.

Every year in Olympia there is the "South of Heaven" prom, and she was queen the South of Heaven prom. That jacket helped win her the prom queen. Thank you, Tom.
Tom: Cool. That’s fine with me.

Arrreah!!Now what happened to Kerry’s spikes? What happened to Kerry’s spikes? He had all the spikes. What happened?
Jeff: I think he lost them actually. He was looking for them the other day.
Tom: He found them.
Jeff: He did find them. They’re found!

Because you guys had some neat fashion. Like, you mention about discovering "hot knifing" in Toronto­
Jeff: What is "hot knifing"?
Tom: You roll up a ball of hash and you put it between two hot knives. It smells good.
Jeff: Oh. Ah!
Tom: Edit that out, will you?! (laughs)

Because in Toronto... you guys are big in hockey... you guys like hockey. You’re wearing hockey jerseys and spikes. That’s a totally cool combination, isn’t it?
Tom: Yeah, actually spikes would work well in hockey. (laughs)
Jeff: They should add spikes to hockey.

Sean Lennon!

There are no real trends for Slayer. You don’t follow any rules. Like, I was thinking, who comes to a Slayer gig? Everybody loves Slayer, don’t they? The punks, the metal heads... but what sort of... like, you go, you go backstage at a gig by Bon Jovi and there is Tom Arnold or something. What sort of celebs would go to a Slayer gig? It would have to be an ultra cool celebrity. Like, what sort of people hang with the Slayer? Like, you know, Sean Lennon said he’s into Slayer!
Tom: What?!

Sean Lennon! I interviewed Sean Lennon last week and he said he’s into Slayer.
Tom: (laughs after banging table) Hear that? That’s my jaw that just dropped. (laughs)

Who is not into Slayer? Who is not into Slayer? Everybody loves Slayer! Like, you guys are the best! You’re Slayer!
Tom: The one celebrity we know is Piazza. Mike Piazza’s the baseball player. And who’s that football guy?
Jeff: I don’t remember.
Tom: The guy from the Eagles. Yeah, there’s a few athletic guys who are into Slayer and they use­
Jeff: Piazza’s the only big guy that’s a jock that’s into us.

What team does he play for?
Tom: He plays for the Mets now?
Jeff: He used to be on the Dodgers but he got traded.
Tom: He’s a catcher.

And he uses you for athletic reasons?
Tom: Yeah, they use the music to warm up and psyche themselves up for the game they’re going to be playing.



Venom!What’s your best Venom story? Do you have any good Venom stories, you guys going on that tour with Venom?
Tom: Yeah, I have a story but I’m not going to tell! (laughs)
Jeff: That’s a secret.

Oh please, Tom, just a tidbit!?
Tom: No, I can’t tell you.
Jeff: Uh-uh.
Tom: Nah, I can’t tell you that story.

Does it involve Shark?
Tom: No (laughs)... Shark?

Venom's Kronos!Because on that tour, Kronos was saying, Kronos was saying all the bands were, like, out front headbanging. Like, all the bands would be out front headbanging to Venom. Like, Venom were the best. Were you actually out front there? In the "Ultimate Revenge" video, you know, were you out front headbanging yourself to Venom?
Tom: I don’t remember that.
Jeff: I don’t think so.
Tom: No, I was probably on the side of the stage or up at a distance up on the balcony watching. I don’t remember being up front moshing.

Tom of Slayer, how do you do your special... how did you develop your special headbang? It’s not the classic, you know, you’ve got your own left-to-right. How did you develop that headbang?
Tom: (laughs) Let’s see. I went like this, like this, like this, like this... and it came out pretty cool. (laughs)

It’s different, isn’t it? When you see him doing it, what do you think of, Jeff?
Jeff: I think he’s going to, like, fall of the stage or something because... it is, it is pretty different.

What makes you bang head? What makes you want to bang head?
Tom: The music! (laughs)

Did you ever hurt your neck at all? Has there ever been any neck problems?
Tom: Nah, no neck problems.

I heard that you puke before ever show out of nervousness. Does that still happen?
Tom: That still happens, yeah.

So tonight, no booze, just­
Tom: It happens sometimes but not all the time. I always get nervous but sometimes a little more than others. That’s all.

Lords Of ChaosSlayer signed the book!Now, there’s this brand new book out there called Lords Of Chaos. Have you seen that book, that death metal book?
Tom: I’ve heard about it. Yes, I’ve heard about it.

And, like, you know, it talks about all those bands, those Norwegian black metal bands, you know, where, like, they burn churches, they eat pig brains and stuff like that.
Tom: And they kill each other, right?

And they kill each other. And you are actually in this book quite prominently. You are actually described as "a lesser Venom."
Tom: A lesser Venom!

You are described as "a lesser Venom." But what I was­
Tom: Yeah, that’s why we’re still playing! (laughs)

Dead and Euronymous!

And it’s Lords Of Chaos, the name of this book is. But when you’re on tour, did you ever play with any of these bands like Mayhem at all? Because I was looking at these pictures and this looks pretty scary. And a lot of these guys... well, have you ever come into contact with any of that? Like, have any of their fans been mad, "Hey man, Slayer, you’re not killing people, you’re not burning churches. We’re mad at you."
Tom: Fine. (laughs) They can be mad at me. I don’t care. (laughs)



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