Nardwuar the Human Serviette vs. Snoop Dogg Nardwuar and Snoop!

For the past couple of months director Ernest Dickerson has been shooting his new movie Bones in my hood, Vancouver BC, Canada! Starring the amazing Pam Grier and the dog of all dogs, Snoop Doggy Dogg, Bones promises to be one cool flick. Despite a hectic schedule, Snoop put some time aside to talk. Alright, letís hit tha dogpound!

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Nardwuar: Who are you?
Snoop: Big Snoop Dogg from the DPGC, oh way.

You are Snoop Dogg in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and, Snoop, we would like to give you here (hands two bottles) some juice and some... Gin!
Some gin! Why not! On the Dogg, then we gonna all roll down the street, wes wes yes yíall style. You chilliní here with Big Snoop Dogg all across your face. How you like that?

Nardwuar on the set of BONES!

Now, Snoop, Bones, the movie. It was written for you. Thatís incredible!
I mean, you know, it was about time for me to get into the movie world so, why not get into the movie world with a movie that was, you know, created around myself so I could get into it and do my best things as far as acting was concerned.

1979 is the year. Harlem is the place?
Uh, itís not Harlem. Itís Anywhere America, you know I mean? Itís the ghetto across the world. It has no specific place or time. You know, itís just set in 1979 and, I mean, you know, it was a beautiful time of our life. But there really is no city, no state located.

Snoop is on the streets doing numbers?
Definitely doing it, as Jimmy Bones, you know. Runniní numbers, taking care of the community, you know, spreadiní love, keepiní the crime out, and bringing unity.

Having a good time, and then comes in another influence: crack.
Yeah, please believe. The thing that knocked the whole mack game off its feet was the crack game, and that came in 1980, and thatís what destroyed my community and made us, you know, have a downfall ícause I was wiped out completely. Iced, baby.

But, twenty-two years laterĖ
Yes, my soul cannot rest. So I definitely had to come back and get some payback, you know what I mean, some of that big payback. Revenge. Sweet revenge, Jimmy Bones style.

And you come back as a dog, Snoop Doggy Dogg? As the character Bones?
Mmm, sorta kinda, I mean... itís a little Dogg in it, you know, but for the most part, youíd have to see the movie. I donít want to kill everybodyís, you know, intuition as far as giving the whole movie away, but itís worth seeing, knowing and imagining. So when it come out, be sure to get down to the theatres and check it out. Snoop Dogg is Bones.

Pam Grier and Nardwuar!Now one of the people in the movie is Pam Grier (shows Coffy sound-track LP cover featuring Pam Grierís pic-ture). What can you tell the people about Pam Grier, Snoop?
Uh, this is Foxy Brown, Coffy Sheba Baby, you know what I mean? Jackie Brown. Sheís sheís totally sexy, I mean, you know, sheís every manís dream, you know, as Iím saying as far as I am saying as far as being on the screen, on the streets, just in real life. She is every manís dream. Look at this. Look at this body right here. Look at it.

Is there any nudity in the movie at all, Snoop? UhĖ Gratuitous nudity? That I would let you have to see with your own two eyes.
I donít want to ruin that, but it is rated R, so you know you put two plus two together and add it up....

Pam and Nardwuar again!

Your character does a lot of killing in the movie, I understand, Snoop?
It beís like that sometimes you know. Every good movie needs a couple of good killings.

There is some good horror.
Yeah, something to make you jump out of your seat.

Are there any puppets in the movie at all, Snoop?
I donít think there is no puppets in the movie. (laughs) I donít think so, not that Iíve seen.

Because Snoop youíre on No Limit Records, and Master P, he has a doll, doesnít he?
Yeah, he has a doll.

Dennis Rodman Doll!

Which the question arises would you ever have a doll, Snoop? Is there a Snoop Doggy Dogg doll?
Possibly. There might be one in the making right now. You never know. Depends, you know what I mean. I might do one for this Bones movie. You never know. I donít know.

What do you think of this doll here, (shows Dennis Rodman doll) the Dennis Rodman one that theyíve come out with?
Oh, this is the Dennis Rodman doll?! Oh, thatís, thatís... I donít even know what to say! (laughs)

Thereís different dolls, and alsoĖ (pointing to the Rodman Doll) Thereís collared greens around his waist. With baby green hair. He comes with a wedding outfit that you can put on him as well.
Are you serious?

And Snoop check out this doll that they have as well. The Redd Foxx doll. (shows Redd Foxx doll)
Oh thatís, I like Redd Foxx. Oh, you can... (pointing to Dennis Rodman doll) get this shit out of here. I like Redd Foxx. He used to go, ďHey! You big dummy!Ē I like Redd Foxx. This is dope. Whereíd you get this from?

A flea market. A friend found it at a flea market for $8.00.
Can I have it? Or can I buy it?

Red Foxx doll!

Uh, I think...

Iím not sure ifĖ

Uh, Iím not sureĖ

Iím notĖ
Forty dollars, man!

Forty dollars! Sell it, man!

Iím taking it!

Oh please Snoop! Donít or my friend will kill me for that! But, Snoop, what I was curious about, Redd Foxx was a huge influence or influenced by this gentle-man here, Dolemite.

Red Foxx doll! Side 2!Like alot of people donít really know who Rudy Ray Moore is. Like they donít know. The legend! What is the legend of Rudy Ray Moore? Whatís your connection?
Uh, the legend of Rudy Ray Moore? This guy right here (pointing to poster), Dolemite, Rudy Ray Moore heís a spectacular actor. Heís done so much for the black acting world. Heís a close friend of mine. Heís featured on my album right now in stores, No Limit Top Dogg. And, you know, we share a great relationship and itís people like him that inspire me to do what I do, and I just want to give a shout out right now. Rudy Ray, keep it gangsta, Dolemite.

Snoop, you wear some incredible outfits in the movie, and especially right now. Is there going to be a line of clothing coming out?
Uh, could be. It might be called K9 Clothing, you dig?