Nardwuar the Human Serviette vs. Snoop Dogg Nardwuar and Snoop!

Dolemite started out as a dancer called Prince Dumarr. You yourself have some incredible moves, like on Saturday Night Live. Where did you learn to dance?
Um, I don't really look at myself as a dancer. I just get into the music. Whatever the music just is, it just you know makes me have that type of rotation and motation so you know I'm not really looked at as a dancer. I don't look at myself as trying to dance, I just like to have a good time. And If I'm grooving, I'm grooving.

Oh, looking great, Snoop! You're looking great. And looking great in the movies too. You look incredible. How about for other things? Like getting down and doing and collaborating. You've collaborated with so many different people. Has Michael Jackson ever approached you?
No, but we spoke, you know what I mean? We spoke.

Was he down with Snoop?
Definitely. I'm down with him as well. That's a beautiful thing, you know. Two musical masterpieces, you know. Maybe one day we'll make something.

You're in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, right now. Priority Records, you've had an assocation with them in the past. The guy who started Priority is from Vancouver, Bryan Turner.
Oh yes?

He's Canadian. I think he's from Winnipeg, but he moved to Vancouver and moved to LA and did California Raisins and did Snoop Doggy Dogg!
That's wild. I hadn't heard that.

What's it like being in Vancouver and filming Bones?
It's beautiful, man. I mean, it's like, I can't even explain it. I mean, you've got nice people here. Some respect. Green. (smiles) You know what I mean?

Have you checked out much of the TV? Have you got down with any local Canadian rap? Like have you heard of Choclair because I think he's on Priority Records as well.
Yeah, I heard of him. He's pretty dope. He's got some fly stuff. I like his video. He's got some bad little females in his video.

Are there any other rappers coming up to you? Have you met any, you know Canadian rappers?
Uh, no, because I've been just you know glued down in this movie, and when I'm going to a club, I'm not really trying to hear any rapping, you know what I mean?

So you have gone to a few clubs then. Has anything in Vancouver "perked" your interest at all, Snoop?
Oh yeah yeah, there's a couple of spots that I dig. That's off the hook, you know what I'm saying? It was cool that I went there to get a vibe on the kind of music that I needed to go home and make, you know what I'm saying?

What were the places, if you could disclose, possibly?
Ohhh, I think it was it was called... uh... the wop boppa loo bop, the wop bam boo.

I don't know what the name of them was, because I don't want to tell you all cause you might all want to sneak up in there! But it's the hot spot. Downtown. There ain't but three or four of them, and I'm in one of them, so you all come check it out.

Now Snoop did you ever party with Antoine 'Big Dawg' Carr?
Yeah, uh...

He's a Vancouver Grizzlies member.
Yeah he's cool dude. Me and him chalked it up a couple of times. He gave me a few tickets to the games. I just want to say wassup to Big Dawg if you're watching out there.

In the movie Bones there's lots of dogs, aren't there, Snoop Dogg? There are lots of dogs, right? I know you don't want to give too much away, but there are dogs, right?
Yeah, I don't think there's a lot of them. I think it's probably a main dog, you know what I mean? I think there's not like seventy-five dogs in the movie. There's probably one or two.

Did you know that poodles are the most intelligent dog?
Not to me. Pit bulls are the most intelligent dogs, because I'm a pitbull lover and I know that. I don't have poodles so I don't know.

Well the reason why I mention that Snoop is because the guy who wrote the book, The Intelligence of Dogs, is from Vancouver, BC, Canada as well!
Don't know him. Never heard of him.

And you've been in Vancouver. I've heard a rumour, Snoop, that you were out there partying and you bought ninety bottles of wine!
That's a damn lie, because I don't even drink wine. I'm in the club drinking water and Seven-Up.

Oh, champagne.
No. Water and Seven-Up. (laughs)

And then there is another rumour, another Snoop spotting, that some-body went and got some glass pipes, you know, BC being the 'Endo' capital of the world, somebody got some glass pipes. Have you enjoyed any of the glass pipes at all in BC, Snoop Doggy Dogg?
No, but I've enjoyed what goes in the glass pipes, out here in BC. I don't enjoy glass pipes, only what go in 'em.

How about Tommy Chong? He's from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada too. Have you seen him on the streets, Snoop? Another person you could call up. Of Cheech and Chong?
Yeah, Tommy Chong!

He lives in West Van.
Uh no, I ain't, I didn't know that. I'll have to look him up. Tell him to come by and let's go up in smoke!

Tommy Lee, of the band Methods of Mayhem, formerly of Mötley Crüe, you recorded with him in Methods of Mayhem.
Mmm hmm. That's a close a friend of mine. Me and Tommy Lee, we're real cool. That's my boy. Him and uh Tim Dog was cracking like a Methods of Mayhem, taking over for the 2 G.

So you made up with Tim Dog? Because he had that song called "Fuck Compton" which really wasn't too nice... to the West Coast.
No, this was a different Tim Dog. The other one that you talking about, he ain't even in the rap game no more so he's not a problem. The one I'm talking about is with Tommy Lee. He's the white kid named Tim Dog the rapper. He my homeboy. I wanna say wassup, woody.

I'm glad you clarified that. Actually, Tommy Lee said in an interview that you smoked more 'Endo' than he'd ever seen anyone smoke.
Ha ha ha (laughs). Thank you Tommy. I appreciated that, because I told everybody I'm the Bob Marley of rap, you dig? Because I mean, I do what I have to do to do what I do, and I do's it well.

More 'Endo' than Peter Tosh! And the great thing about you, Snoop, is you help out so many groups, like the Eastsiderz and you have new all female group coming out?
Mmm hmm. Doggie's Angels, my female group. It's three females from Los Angeles you know. I'm coming out with a movie straight to home video, DVD form, and their record will be out probably in the fall. Doggie's Angels, be on the lookout for it. Snoop Dogg presents... Doggie's Angels.

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